Now that's a strange donation

From the financial reports at the Secretary of State's office, you can see failed candidate Gary Loudner raised $28.52 in cash. I had almost breezed over it until I saw the footnote at the bottom of the page. In bold type it says:
"PLEASE NOTE: Policky's Big D Oil COmpany #21 Car Wash at 3010 West Main Street, Rapid CIty destroy a magnetic vehicle political signage in late May, 2006."
So apparently, his only donation was reimbursement because he didn't take a magnetic sign off of his vehicle in the car wash?

I'm not sure if I'm more amazed that he's counting that as a donation, or that they actually paid him for it.

Note to Gary: Next time take the sign off your car BEFORE you go through the car wash. That's why they're magnetic.


Anonymous said…
So now we know why Gary lost his primary. Because his sign was destroyed before the vote. Republicans were probably behind it, because they were downright afraid to run against him in November knowing Gary would win.
That isn't nice; lay off of Gary.
Anonymous said…
Lighten up Catherine. Can't believe you're defending Gary - he's a nut. On top of that, you're on a blog, so what do you expect? Maybe you ought to be focusing on your race, rather than worrying about somebody picking on Gary.

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