Politics as a bare-knuckled sport this year. Napoli on Adelstein

I was reading the Rapid City Journal website and noticed a post over at Mt. Blogmore on Bill Napoli. YEOW! It sounds like Bill has had enough, as far as his fellow Senator Stan Adelstein was concerned.

Here I was thinking I wouldn’t have to write about Stan anymore (yes, even I’m sick of the topic), but this one is too good to ignore. As written at Blogmore by Kevin (kevi) Woster:

Republican state Sen. Bill Napoli asked for Sen. Stan Adelstein’s resignation during a news conference called by Napoli this morning.

Napoli said he sent Gov. Mike Rounds a letter demanding that the governor ask Adelstein to resign. If that fails, Napoli said he would ask GOP leaders in the state Legislature and Pennington County Republican Party officials to ask Adelstein to quit.

Napoli thinks it’s off-the-chart improper for Adelstein to have publicly pondered a switch to Democratic Party and then come out in support of Democrat Tom Katus, who is facing Elli Schwiesow - the Adelstein nemesis who beat him in the District 32 Senate Republican primary last month.

Napoli himself violated the 11th Republican commandment when he spoke out against Adelstein during the primary. He argues that it was justified because Adelstein had taken sides in other GOP primaries with campaign contributions.

Adelstein just called back to respond to Napoli. I’ll have his comments in the paper tomorrow. But he general, he said he wouldn’t be resigning, and was looking forward to serving the needs of District 32 for the remainder of his term. OK, he also had a couple of things to say about Napoli…
Go read the whole thing here.

I’m sure that Stan’s flirtations with going ‘D’ and his subsequent actions were far beyond the straw that broke the camels’ back as far as Bill was concerned. Long before his race against Alice McCoy emerged there were wild rumors running around that Stan was actively attempting to recruit a candidate to take Bill on.

I’d heard about those, but that was early in my blogging, so I don’t know that I was comfortable at that point to telephone a total stranger and ask “Is it true that a certain Senator offered to buy you a house in District 35 so you could run against Napoli?” – referring to one of the popular rumors running around at the time.

Back to the present. I don’t think anyone is going to disagree that Bill’s press conference is more symbolism than substance, and he doesn’t expect it to move Stan out. For the moment, Stan represents the entire district, not just Republicans, so asking him to resign because of his treason against the GOP is futile.

But, what it is likely to accomplish - more than anything - is to whip up the local die-hard Republican Party activists into an uproar. Let me tell you that mad GOP activists are hard working, hard charging activists. They will be dead set on winning elections and the election at the top of their list, regardless of where in the county they live, is going to be to put Elli Schwiesow over the top in November. Watch and see.

So accomplish obtaining Stan’s resignation? No. Accomplish firing up the GOP troops into working twice as hard? Absolutely.

I’ll link to the article tomorrow, as I’m sure the blog will rage with fury tonight.

Update - read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Screw off Napoli. You are an insane idiot. After those comments about HB 1215 and women in general you can go to hell!

You should leave the big tent because we aren't!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
You say that you are sick of talking about Adelstein. I say I am sick of hearing about the idiot conservative team of Greenfield, Napoli and Apa.

I am tired of people complaining about abortion, abortion, abortion. Enough already. It is on the ballot and the voters can speak. It is an idiotic bill that even normal conservative christians find repulsive. They do not want their daughters being raped and forced to bear their uncle's children. Haven't you ever heard of genetics? This is why they don't let us marry close family members. Ever hear of hemophilia- not to be confused with you homophobiacs?

This is a big state with lots of different opinions and there needs to be some give and take on these issues. You will not change my opinion on abortion
and I will not change yours. Lets actually focus on issues that could have some dialogue and perhaps some movement could be accomplished- say jobs, better schools, better roads, etc.

If you are so down on people having choices maybe you would like to adopt maybe 3 or 4 babies born with FAS. Why should we punish these babies with mothers that destroy these children before they even get out into the world?

I think that we should start prosecuting those mothers who smoke, drink and do drugs when they are pregnant- what they are doing is criminal and these children have no chance to live a normal existence.

That truly would be helping the unborn.
Anonymous said…
Napoli is saying what most Republicans have been saying for the past year.

The recent elections reflected exactly what Republicans have been saying all year (since mainstream)

Personally, I was very disapointed that the mainstreaming bums kept their leadership positions last session.

Maybe, with this stirring of the pot by Napoli, the Republican leadership will finally find the backbone to put the rinos in their proper place. SUPPORT THE PLANKS OR WALK THE PLANK
Anonymous said…
"A real-life description to me would be a rape victim, brutally raped, savaged. The girl was a virgin. She was religious. She planned on saving her virginity until she was married. She was brutalized and raped, sodomized as bad as you can possibly make it, and is impregnated. I mean, that girl could be so messed up, physically and psychologically, that carrying that child could very well threaten her life."

--Bill Napoli, March 3, 2006

Doesn't that pretty much say it all about this buffoon?
Aaron Lorenzen said…
this is great, Napoli calls out the little weasel on what he has done and everyone is up in arms and in a fury saying that he is an A** and a idiot.

Here is what it is all about, Napoli is a strong passionate, true Republican, that believes strongly in his Republican party, Adelstien is a democrat who is only concerned with passing his liberal infested agenda, and using his money to gain what ever power is possible to buy. Anyone that is associated the slightest with the legislature would know this.

Hats off to Napoli for saying what everyone has been wanting. I am a district 32 voter, and I am outraged by Adelstien, as an elected Republican going out and supporting the Democrat publicly. The people of my district didn't vote for a Democrat masqurading as a Republican, no, we voted for a Republican, he is deffintly not that and he is getting what he deserves.
Aaron Lorenzen said…
Here is a challenge to all of you talking smack about politics on this blog in general, post with your name, quit hiding behind this anonymous bs.

consider these words from Jerry Apa:

The anonymous letter writers that are so proud of their comments that they hide behind a mask, have the spine of a jellyfish, and their below the belt equipment is smaller than bb's.

Jerry Apa

Enough said
Anonymous said…
Bill is right. If adelstan was out of office, it would be different, but he's not.

He's attempting to hurt his party as a senator holding office. He should pay a price.

Resignation? perhaps.

He should, at least, be relieved from any committee posts he holds untill the end of his term.
Anonymous said…
I was just reading Mt. Blogmore on this very subject. Seems that the only posters left on that blog are the libs. All are blasting Napoli for his comments. Nothing against Adelstein for threatening to switch parties even while serving as a Rep. Oh well, guess all the true Reps are out working (on jobs and campaigns) and the libs are left to blog.

As for using an anonymous name,I made mine slightly different to separate myself from all the other anons. I stand behind my convictions, but I wouldn't feel as free to write if I used my own name. No one would know me anyway so really wouldn't make any difference though.
Anonymous said…
If you are quoting Apa you must have rocks in your head.
He meets in closed appropriation meetings with his intolerant crew and then doesn't let the other members know what is going on until it is time to vote. There is no discussion or time to allow the groups affected to be notified of these changes. These few "leadership" people show no leadership. They hide behind doors and discuss issues without even letting their fellow committee members know what is going on.
Apa is a rumormonger, and he started some pretty awful rumors during session. He hides behind lies, and Aaron I refuse to shut my mouth.

Aaron either use spell check or go back to first grade.
Anonymous said…
Yeah - what Stan... I mean anonynmous said.
Anonymous said…
How about a law--passed by, and enforced by, the Legislative bedroom police--that defines the criteria for Republican Party membership?

Anyone want to take a shot at it.

Aaron, this looks right up your alley... maybe you can be the Minister of Republican-ness. Another big expansion of government by the "conservatives."

It probably will require monitoring of all computers in the state for anonymous posters and a license and identification program. Wow, more big government and big brother--Apa will love it!
Anonymous said…

When did Adelstein "threaten" to switch parties? As I recall, he consistently said he was interested in remaining a Republican (although flattered that the Dems would want him). Sounds like someone with conviction. Quit rewriting history.
Anonymous said…
Who cares about a "big tent"? If a party does not believe in the same things I do, I'll find a more comfortable tent.

Rounds would just as soon the abortion issue went away because he only, reluctantly and under considerable pressure, signed HB1215 to quiet a raging controversy that was threatening to his own political future in the Republican party.

This tent was getting a little too small for our big government loving governor's comfort.
Anonymous said…
"When did Adelstein "threaten" to switch parties? ...Quit rewriting history." I'm not rewriting history for pete's sake; that was all there was in the news last week, would he or wouldn't he switch parties? Would Katus or would Katus not step down so Stan could run? If Stan didn't want the question of his changing parties out there, he wouldn't have made us wait until Friday to find out. Maybe you would like history to be different, but there it is. I used the word 'threaten,' but if you want to use a different word, fine, it's all semantics and means the same thing.
Anonymous said…
Easy there Nonnie, there's only so much truth these guys can handle and the flap over "Say it again, Stan" has them hyperventilating.

Do you still read Mt. Blogmore? I can't stomach a liberal blog of any kind, especially one that would like us to believe that it is "fair and balance". What a giggle that is...
Aaron Lorenzen said…
Well I am glad that I have stirred up a little bit of liberal blood in this blog. Now as far as me listening to Apa, I couldn't have said what he said any better myself, and I do agree with Jerry, his head is in the right place.

Appropriations is not closed, I was in that meeting several times this past session, I knew exactly what was going on. I am sure that you are referring to the PBS ordeal where the money was not needed after Appropriations had talked to the organization many times. Why don't you tell me if an organization has a surplus of money the state needs to keep giving them more and more when it is not needed?

As far as rumors are concerned, tell me how that relates to anything that is politics? Also, please inform me of these rumors that you seem to know so much about, I am sure I would love to hear them.

Don't shut your mouth this is too much fun for me to see and read a whole bunch of people sweat when an 18 boisterous conservative brings up points that people want to not discuss and leave hidden in the closet. And I will use spell check from now on I guess I under estimated the level of artificial intelligence that is in this blog.

All of you liberals keep saying that the Republicans are expanding the government. Please inform me on how this is so, if I do recall, many needless taxes are being cut each and every year, is that expansion of the government? Hmm I don't think so. Let's see what else? Oh yes PBS Repubs want to cut down their funding when it is not needed, also effecting your taxes, anonymous people is that bigger government?

All of you beat around the same bush and come and attack Conservatives with the same 4th grade lines that have been used for years. When the Democrats start coming up with a message that has substance and a plan, instead of an empty promise we will than talk.
Anonymous said…

What tent, must be that Pizza Hut. Origin of species, Apa, Napoli, Unruhs, Feedsack...Aaron, you'd call me an anonymous Rhino but guess what, there are a lot of people just like me, who dress like, walk like me, talk like me and who just might be---
the heart of the republican party.

Deal w/it.

You 20%ers keep doing what you are doing, enjoy your moments in the sun, move to Idaho and form your own country.
Anonymous said…
South Dakota has one of the fastest expanding state governments in the entire country.

Apa, Brock and company allegedly are against big government (not true--they vote big government and big brother). So, if government is expanding while allegedly awesome Apa and company are on the "conservative" watch, it seems to me Apa and company are either:
1. Ineffective;
2. Part of the problem; or
3. Both.

We need new leadership. How does the Appropriations Chair defend the largest government expansion in state history taking place on his watch?
Aaron Lorenzen said…
The examples of this government expansion that you all keep harping about are non-existent. Show me where you are getting this information from and we can discuss it all.
Anonymous said…
It looks to me that after reading the journal that the big tent is falling down.

I wonder if Randy Frederick aka Feedsack will be out after this next election. He is a spineless do nothing sort of a guy.

I heard he tried to ask a former high ranking official to donate a boatload of money and Feedsack was told to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

This is a party in peril. The divide is getting bigger every day. I think the future is the 3 party system versus this 1 party who represents a small minority.

You can have Greenfield, Apa, Napoli, and the lot of far righters.

And for you idiots that think that Stan would even bother to read your garbage- you give yourself far too much credit.

He has things to do than worry about you morons. The wooly mammoths time is coming and we are ready to read about the demise of your species in the history books.
Anonymous said…
Aaron, whether your head is in the sand or somewhere else, you can't deny that Rounds is a big-government liberal.

800+ new state employees in 3 1/2 years. $20 million+ annual tax increases initiated by Rounds in 2003 and every penny of it spent. A new governor's mansion (though not state funds - Rounds strongarmed businesses to build him one of the largest residences in the state). A new plane at the governor's disposal.

And then there's HB 1215 in which Rounds agreed that government should take over decisions currently made by people, and further decided that women should bear their rapists' children and that 13 year-olds should bear their fathers' children.

Rounds further fought repeal of the "open fields doctrine" so that game wardens can continue prowling around people's private property without any reasonable suspicion of any wrongdoing.

Aaron, if you can come up with any example of how Rounds made government smaller or less powerful please share with the rest of us.
Anonymous said…
Liberal 5:09

Your prediction of the demise of conservatism in South Dakota is laughable.

Liberals have been predicting liberal victories forever. Here is the history:

The last time the Democrats won the race for governor was 1974 – 32 years ago.

The last time the Democrats won control of the State House was 1935 – 71 years ago.

The last time the Democrats won control of the State Senate was 1994 - 12 years ago.

So which races do you predict that the liberals will win this fall?

In the primary, I can give you 15 examples of a conservative beating a liberal. Liberalism is a failed dying religion.
Anonymous said…

You are a liberal. You claim Rounds is a liberal. Will you be voting for Rounds?

If not why not?
Anonymous said…
Scimitar, as a very conservative, smaller government type, I have to agree with you that Rounds is definitely a big-government liberal. One of the few times I have agreed with his stand on anything was after he was pressured into signing HB1215 by the conservative Republican leaders in the legislature.

The way he fought repeal of the Open Fields Doctrine was shameful and hopefully he will come to deeply regret his move to do away with private property rights.
Anonymous said…

South Dakota state government grew the 12th fastest in the nation from 2001-2006 (and, in case you didn't know there are 50 states).

Source: Governing magazine.

Big-government/big-brother Apa strikes again. Into your wallet/into your bedroom.

Aaron, he's the supposedly powerful Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. So, again, is he ineffective or just a guy who really loves big, big government?

Or maybe both, and you're just spinning us (or do you think #12 fastest growing is A-OK).

Quick change the story... or start insulting me... or make me switch parties... or blame other Republicans... or claim Governing magazine is a front for the ACLU...
Aaron Lorenzen said…
I do believe that Rounds is fairly liberal. I don’t agree with hardly anything that he has proposed because he is too much of a big government producer for me, and for that I will agree with you that that is big government. I don't believe that Apa is the creator of that however or the majority of the Republican legislation is responsible for the growth. I know from personal conversations with all the legislators that you all seem to think are big government Republicans that they shun some of the bills and acts that Gov rounds has introduced. Hopefully that clarifies my position and where I am coming from.
Anonymous said…
Anon 7:33. You say that I'm a liberal and I should be voting for Rounds?

Nothing that Rounds does makes much sense to me. He has no vision, no real plan for South Dakota. I certainly can't support his tax increases when we have $1 billion in reserves. We should be having tax cuts. I can't support his intrusions into individual rights like HB 1215 and the open fields doctrine. And I can't support his wishy washy lack of leadership, as I complained about on another post on this blog.

Rounds has twiddled his thumbs while schools suffer and property taxes go up - all while protecting his mountain of gold. He hasn't made South Dakota the wind power player that we should be. He has some success in economic development, but you have to question whether everything we got would have happened regardless of who was governor. I just haven't seen any economic development that Rounds really made happen.

Rounds is merely a caretaker until someone with vision comes along to take SD to the next level.
Aaron Lorenzen said…
It sounds to me like you and I have the same opinion of Rounds, except that I support the abortion ban where as you do not, but all in all I do respect your opinion and agree with what you say. Se ?I believe that you are the type of moderate that this party needs, someone that likes the smaller govt style but yet is not as far right on various social issues i.e. abortion.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your kind words Aaron, but I'm a Democrat and always have been.
Aaron Lorenzen said…
each to his own, but i do agree with you on quite a few issues, and its connections like this that should prove that there is no great devide in the Republican party, merly a diffrence in some issues. I have nothing but respect for you scimitar.
Anonymous said…

Check out the 2003 session where Apa voted to raise the taxes on everyone cell phone bill. There are plenty of other examples. When do you want me to stop proving he is a big tax guy?

Also, 12th fastest growing state government in the nation. No one has refuted that. Plus he votes time and time again to expand government especially if it's pork barrel for him.

The all-knowing, all-powerful Chairman of the Appropriations Committee should be able to stop this. Everyone in Lead hates him and just wants to get rid of him for two months otherwise they would ditch this impotent fraud.

Apa raises taxes, grows government and sneaks into your bedroom. Aaron, surely you don't believe this to be a "conservative" agenda?
Anonymous said…
Hug the scimitar Aaron - real tight.
Anonymous said…
Again, Napoli hit the nail right on the head. Go for it Bill! Keep the liberals in both parties squeeling like pigs.

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