More Candidate Websites

I came across a couple of more candidate websites recently.

The first, District 30 Democrat Senate Candidate Catherine Ratliff, came to my attention when I noticed she had come to Gary Loudner's Defense after my post on how Gary's sole campaign donation was reimbursement for a magnetic sign eaten by a car wash.

It's not bad, although it tends at times to get a little verbose. You start looking at it, and among several pages where some of the content is blank, you get a few pages where there are large blocks of text.

I'm not saying the content is bad for what she's trying to accomplish, but political advertising is the equivalent of short-attention span theatre. If I was doing it, I'd use pictures to break up the text from time to time to make for an easier read.

The other thing that concerns me about this is the domain name: I'd have any other form of domain name. Inserting the "C" after her name is confusing for a return visitor who doesn't have it linked.

The other site was mentioned over at Mt. Blogmore where they ran a story on the "PamMobile" of District 32 House Candidate Pam Hemmingsen.

I have to give credit where credit is due. This website is good. Although I was wondering if "Pam's log" is oak or cedar. (yes, I know the rest of us call them blogs). The text is broken up so it's legible and easily read, and it's organized nicely. Literally no dead pages except for the blog. Go see it over at

Another good candidate website (Disclaimer: Yes, he's an advertiser) is Dan Lederman's campaign website in his race for the House in District 16.

Dan's is similar in style to Catherine Ratliff's, but he does it right. If Catherine wants an example of how to make her's work, I'd send her here.

No dead pages, attractive layout, easily and quickly read, and pictures to break up blocks of text, etc. It accomplishes what it sets forth to be - a place where you can get basic information about Dan and his candidacy.

So, there you have it. Three campaign websites for South Dakota Candidates you can go check out. And tell them I sent you.


Anonymous said…
And the caption for that picture of Dan Lederman pointing: "And over there, that's the future home of that new 10,000 head pig farm I just approved. I hope you have noseplugs."
PP said…
My cousins the pig farmers in Iowa always told me "that's the smell of money."

So would you prefer ratliffforsenate; triple f's cause nystagmus.

Keep checking out my website; I have added photos and I add more every day.

I don't know if it will ever be a red, white and blue advertising icon of a page, however.

Thank you for the plug, and the advice.

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