South Dakota's Hal Wick named ALEC Legislator of the year

From a press release:
Representative Hal Wick of South Dakota Named Legislator of the Year
by the American Legislative Exchange Council

(Washington, DC) The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) honored South Dakota State Representative Hal Wick as Legislator of the Year in an award ceremony on July 20th at the organization's 33rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.

"I am proud to present Representative Hal Wick our Legislator of the Year Award," said ALEC's 2006 National Chairman, Kansas State Senator Susan Wagle. "As ALEC's State Chairman, he has invigorated both legislator and private sector participation in South Dakota."

"Representative Wick's legislative experience and leadership qualities have been a tremendous asset in the pursuit of Jeffersonian principles. His dedication to the advancement of free markets, limited government, and individual liberty for the people of the Mount Rushmore State is admirable."

The ALEC Annual Meeting is a gathering of thousands of state legislators, business leaders, and public policy experts participating in an exchange of ideas about how to improve public policy and further the common goal of a limited government that promotes free markets and individual liberties

"I got involved as State Chair three years ago because I felt ALEC needed a greater influence in South Dakota, and South Dakota needed to have a greater influence in ALEC," said Representative Wick. "With term limits, ALEC gives South Dakota legislators a jump start to be more effective and capable leaders for the taxpayers. I truly felt our state legislators would benefit with the information that is available through ALEC and help them prepare for session.

"I am pleased to be honored for my efforts to energize the South Dakota base, and I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic organization."

Representative Wick represents the residents of Davie and Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties in South Dakota. Rep. Wick's first term in the South Dakota Legislature began in 1976. He has been a member of ALEC since the late 70's. Rep. Wick is now Chairman of the South Dakota House Taxation Committee and a member of the House Education Committee. He retired from the Air National Guard after 24 years and 9 months as a Lt. Colonel.

To schedule an interview with South Dakota Representative Hal Wick or ALEC's 2006 National Chairman, Kansas State Senator Susan Wagle, please call Stella Harrison Melley at (202) 431-6461.

Congratulations to Representative Wick from the SDWC


Anonymous said…
Where is Davie county?
Anonymous said…
Wow. An ultra conservative organization gave an award to an ultra conservative legislator. Go figure.
Anonymous said…
ALEC must like people who violate their no-new tax pledge. Check shallow Hal's voting record in 2003 and see how he walked the plank for Rounds with most of his fellow GOPsters.
Anonymous said…
PP - might be interesting to do some research on ALEC. I believe that they are oppoesed to any production of ethanol and believe that more autos on the road will help with the hole in the ozone. I don't know if I would want an award from this group.

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