From the sound of these commercials, maybe Herseth should have stayed home.

If you think I'm tough on her, 2 commercials began running today in South Dakota markets regarding Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin's trip to the ice caps:
60 Second Glacier Commerical

30 Second "Come Home" commercial


nonnie said…
The truth hurts!!!
Anonymous said…
From the sound of the commercials, it sounds like the dog pack is going feral again.

Just what would the Congresswoman do in Aberdeen that she hasn't done?
Anonymous said…
Man, conservatives love to whine. What a bunch of babies.

Ohhh it's raining. Where's my Congresswoman? I can't survive without her. The James river has never flooded before. What can we do?

Get some sack South Dakota.
I don't remember John Thune Camping out for Ellsworth, but then what do I know.
HEY! where was John Thune During the flood?
Anonymous said…
This will backfire and only make Stephanie stronger. Bad choice. It smacks of desperation or an effort to lure a dupe like Daugaard to be the next sacrificial lamb.
Douglas said…
Have any information on what the group is and who is paying for these ads. I can't understand the audio because it breaks up.

There must be some text and info somewhere.
Anonymous said…
Thune is in Aberdeen TODAY, interestingly enough

while Stephanie and Pelosi are in Paris playing footsie with Euro-flakes -- they need a couple of spa days after the brutal stop on the polar ice cap with Alec Baldwin
Anonymous said…
HA--those ads are great!

Stephanie Hersethsandlin is about as real as my hairpiece....the difference that i don't pretend that what is fake is real

Hersethsandlin = liberal
Anonymous said…
looks like Russ is being posting here today to try and make Stephie look good

or was he one of the members of the Herseth-Sandlin staff who got to go along on the junket?
Anonymous said…
4:57, if you wear a hairpiece you are a faker. And if you wear a hairpiece you certainly do try to pretent it's real - otherwise why would you wear it? You're just another angry bald man. Is that hairpiece covering the hole in your head where your brain was removed?
Anonymous said…
What, you mean Thune's only just now getting to Aberdeen? Where was Johnny-come-lately when the flood was occurring? How much time has he spent there? Doesn't he know it's raining in SD again? Did he call to say if he likes his corn wet or dry? How many sandbags has he thrown in Aberdeen? And did Rounds set up headquarters and personally manage the situation ala Janklow in Spencer?

I tell you what. This type of ad may be amusing to some, but wait till your republican ox gets gored. And it will.
Anonymous said…
Rounds did fly the entire stretch of the James. It was a beautiful day for a flight
Anonymous said…
5:46 - This is Thune's 2nd or 3rd trip to Aberdeen since the flood. He was there shortly after it happened and before Herseth made a cameo appearance.
Anonymous said…
I can't figure out why the add calls her "Stephanie Sandlin." It seems to me it should say "Stephanie Herseth Sandlin." What good is a negative ad if no one knows who you are talking about?
Anonymous said…
Seems to me the point of these ads is that the rain in Aberdeen was not an isolated event but a problem from one end of the James River to the other.

So did Ms. Herseth really visit Aberdeen and ignored the flooding and tornado damage along the rest of the James River?
Anonymous said…
Its not that PP and my fellow knee jerk right wingers are upset about Stephanie's trip. After all, you would have to be an idiot to think that working to find solutions to address global warming (like John McCain and other GOPs are doing) is not worth a trip outside of the United States.

What this is really about is a group of GOP lackeys trying to figure out a way to keep people's minds off of Ted Klaudt and the GOP mismanagement of the legislative page AND foster child system in South Dakota.

It's the politics of misdirection, pure and simple. And its pretty damn sad. You should be ashamed PP. Were it not for Leslee Unruh and other Conservatives who are motived by Christ (and not power politics) I would re-register as an Independent or Libertarian.
Anonymous said…
PP, didn't you write in 10/06 that "Ted Klaudt is the Man"?
Anonymous said…
President Bush Discusses Global Climate Change

"Good morning. I've just met with senior members of my administration who are working to develop an effective and science-based approach to addressing the important issues of global climate change.

President Bush makes a statement about global climate change on Monday, June 11 at the White House.

This is an issue that I know is very important to the nations of Europe, which I will be visiting for the first time as President. The earth's well-being is also an issue important to America. And it's an issue that should be important to every nation in every part of our world.

The issue of climate change respects no border. Its effects cannot be reined in by an army nor advanced by any ideology. Climate change, with its potential to impact every corner of the world,
is an issue that must be addressed by the world."

It's sad that South Dakota Republicans lack the vision George Bush has with climate change.

"Climate change, with its potential to impact every corner of the world, is an issue that must be addressed by the world." - George Bush

Isn't SD part of the world?
Anonymous said…
These ads stink of desperation. It's sad.
Anonymous said…
Dems, let's not forget a former President that got a little too friendly with a page/intern before we start pointing fingers at a party.
Anonymous said…
This Common Sense, South Dakota group sounds like a bunch of mean-spirited jerks. No wonder PP is agreeing with them.
Anonymous said…
11:50pm. The intern you are talking about was over 18 and was a willing participant. The issue with Ted Klaudt is not even close to being the same.

Please tell me that you recognize that there is a difference between having an affair and rape. Are you so wrapped up in politics to think that these are the same?
nonnie said…
Anon 8:52. The Klaudt issue has nothing to do with these ads about Stephanie and Pelosi. That's just you throwing water on a gathering fire, but it won't put it out.

If Stephanie continues to hang around with Pelosi and her ilk, she will be painted with the same brush and had better get used to it. I think she has decided that the Dems will win next time and she is going with the winning party because she has ambitions far beyond a seat in the House.
Anonymous said…
Stephanie was NEVER, i mean NEVER an independant voice it was a ploy, a lie, and stratagey and for the voters who don't read, don't study, reply on non experienced candidates, and the papers had NO CLUE and didn't take the time they needed to be smart shoppers for a congressional candidate. O and the boys who needed bibs because they elected on looks and some cleveage showing.
as for this post Stephanie doesn't know how to stay home if that means SD she is always trying to find ways to get out of SD.
Anonymous said…
You ask what Herseth could do, how about get some aid to the people who lost their homes? The cost of the trip to Greenland would have helped. Voters got what they deserved!
Anonymous said…
I love the confusion this new so called Common Sense South Dakota organization is trying to create. They are using a URL that makes it appear that Herseth-Sandlin is being attacked by democrats! is a progressive organization that has been around since early 2006, the new is an anonymous attack organization bent on attacking Herseth! Some folks tell me that the they even were redirecting traffic to for a short period of time.

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