THey're out protesting in front of Herseth's office shorty

The Argus is reporting that the protesters will be assembling out in front of Herseth's office shortly:
At 10 this morning, the Code Pink anti-Iraq War group is scheduled to protest in front of the office of Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D., at 326 E. 8th St. in Sioux Falls.
Read it here.


Anonymous said…
well that should end the war, good job all...high five
Anonymous said…
This is the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy's attempt to confuse the South Dakota voters. If they get some crazy/nut case liberals to protest a Democrat, they think it'll make her look better to Republicans.

Don't fall for it people! She's still Pelosi's pet!

Oh, wait, I don't think the crazy liberals are smart enough to even come up with that ridiculous idea.
Anonymous said…
I wonder how much Miss Perky had to pay these nuts to make her look like a "moderate"?

Let's not forget how she voted!!
Anonymous said…
PP, were you suggesting that they'd be protesting "shortly" or were you trying your hand at hip-hop, "shorty"? If it was the latter, you forgot a comma before shorty.
Anonymous said…
Let me get this straight -- the liberals protest Herseth for being too moderate, and the response from the far right commenters is that she must have paid them and it's part of a conspiracy to confuse the voters?

Do you guys really believe the nutty stuff you write?
Anonymous said…
Didn't she vote to end the war? Why is Code Pink against that??
Anonymous said…
Hahaha! Princess Sandlin is learning that even though South Dakotans tend to forget when their elected officials try to ride both sides of the fence, there are some who will hold her accountable.
Anonymous said…
How many showed up for this grand protest? A half dozen on a good day??

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