Now THAT's what I'm talking about.

Fox News:

Fred Thompson Expected to Announce White House Candidacy in July

I think I might finally be able to get interested in presidential politics.


Anonymous said…
aside from starring in Die Hard 2, Pee Pee, name 15 reasons why Fred Thompson is the true, family values bedrock Conservative guy to vote for. How many divorce's are we talking about here?
Anonymous said…
Where was Fred Thompson when the James River flooded?

Wahhhhhh wahhhhhh.
Anonymous said…
thompson would probably be a decent president, but let's not get too excited about his conservative credentials, pp.

mhs said…
Thompson is far from a conservative. Frankly, he's just another Barrack Obama, a new famous face with simply nowhere near the experience to run a legitimate race.

Only McCain and Guilliani are qualified to run a national campaign, let alone the country. Chasing after fantasy candidates like Thompson will only insure a Clinton II presidency.
Anonymous said…
I will vote for whoever has the cajones to be against this illegal immigration invasion and the latest amnesty bill. If that's Thompson, great. If that's Romney, great. And I think the conservatives had better wake up to that fact! It's one of the main issues right now, and I don't for the life of me understand why Bush and some of the prez candidates can be in favor of this way to handle the illegals.
William said…
Fred Dalton Thompson,
Senate Years of Service: 1994-2003

In the series Law & Order, Fred Thompson plays the title character.

Graduated from Memphis State University 1964; received J.D. degree from Vanderbilt University 1967; admitted to the Tennessee bar in 1967 and commenced the practice of law;

Assistant U.S. attorney 1969-1972; Minority counsel, Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (“Watergate Committee”) 1973-1974;
Special counsel to Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander 1980; Special counsel, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 1980-1981; Special counsel, Senate Intelligence Committee 1982;
Tennessee Appellate Court Nominating Commission 1985-1987; Elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in the November 8, 1994, special election to fill the unexpired portion of the term ending January 3, 1997, left vacant by the resignation of Albert Gore, Jr.;
Reelected in 1996
Chair, Committee on Governmental Affairs (One Hundred Fifth and One Hundred Sixth Congresses; One Hundred Seventh Congress

Fred Thompson, on the issues

Fred Thompson has enough strength to throw Rosie O'Donnell ten feet.

Fred Thompson is immune to fire, bullets, and your sarcasm.
William said…

As regards to immigration policy, if you want tough, this is it!

"The chupacabra is in fact the physical manifestation of Fred Thompson's anger over illegal immigration. If Mexicans don't want their goats sucked dry of blood, they better respect our border"

Chupacabra is a cryptid said to inhabit parts of both of the Americas.

The name translates literally from the Spanish as "goat sucker." It comes from the creature's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.
Anonymous said…
I think Thompson may end up being the 2008 version of Wes Clark. The high point of his campaign will be when he enters it.

He doesn't have the infrastructure, he waited too long, and he won't be the Republican wet dream once the other candidates actually start campaigning against him.
Anonymous said…
he waited because he is under contractual obligations with Law & Order until June 1.

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