KELO Land: E-Board Page Discussions moving forward

According to a KELO-land news report, the legislature's executive board is moving forward with discussions of how to change the legislature's page program after recent incidents involving Democratic Senator Dan Sutton, and Republican Representative Ted Klaudt:
First it was accusations that state Senator Dan Sutton of Flandreau shared a bed with a legislative page and groped him. Now former lawmaker, Ted Klaudt, has been arrested for raping his foster children who also served as pages.

Executive Board Chairman Republican Representative Larry Tidemann of Brookings says, "I don't think it's a page problem, it's a human problem."

But Representative Larry Tidemann's executive board is going to take a look at the page program Monday to make sure there aren't any more problems in the future.

Tidemann says, "I think it's good to visit and see what needs to be done and to have that discussion."
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Anonymous said…
KELO must be reading the papers that carry Mercer's coverage. He had it days ago.
Anonymous said…
Senate Pro Temp Bob Gray said that there is no problem with the page program. Does that mean that he'll oppose efforts to reform the system? Or will he go along with them even though he believes there is no problem?

Why he said that while Klaudt was still out on bond still has me scratching my head...

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