That was great. Did the climate change for you too?

Congresswoman Herseth and her comrades in Washington just returned from their Junket to Greenland where Speaker Pelosi declared that they saw the climate change:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) said Monday she led a congressional delegation to Greenland, where lawmakers saw "firsthand evidence that climate change is a reality," and she hoped the Bush administration would consider a new path on the issue.
Read it all here at Yahoo News.

War Protesters, and tree-hugging hippies? What? Is it the 60's all over again? Or is it just that some of the old hippies have never changed their stripes, they're just getting elected to office now?

Like I said, if Congresswoman Herseth wants to impress me on this issue, let's get some action from her on the Conata basin. Maybe if she asks nicely, Senator Thune can bring her up to speed on the issue of farmers being invaded by the land poorly kept by their Federal neighbors.

And if the Senator has time, maybe she can share her ice cap snapshots and explain how it matters to South Dakotans.


Kip said…
where is the media on this story? a major trip to the polar ice caps by Herseth and Speaker Pelosi and they don't cover it? who are they protecting? oh right, they are protecting Stephanie...AGAIN
Anonymous said…
Stephanie the penguin-hugger with Pelosi in Paris...isn't that just about what you'd expect?
Max said…
how many staffers did Stephanie take along to carry her European handbags? how much is this costing the taxpayers?
Anonymous said…
PP: Glad you're worried about Prairie Dogs. I wonder if they will impact your 401K like Global Warming will. (If you don't understand, please start subscribing to the Economist or the Wall Street Journal - very liberal rags...)

Wake up. Your kids and grandkids will thank you for it.

PS. I did shoot a few prairie dogs yesterday, if that makes you feel any better.
Anonymous said…
Well, I for am just glad that they are home! I mean will (assuming here) that the ice caps are melting with all the natural heating below they might have fallen in. Do they swim????

Sorry that was not nice. But how many times do we have to send people there for almost the same reasons???? This is how they are going to put the public into panic and if they are elected then the world is gong to fall apart!

Gentlemen start your boats!
Anonymous said…
opps was supposed to say "if they aren't elected"
Anonymous said…
PP, what exactly can she do about prairie dogs at the federal level? Isn't it more of a state issue?
PP said…
Much of it is a federal issue, from the consideration by the feds of listing them as endangered (believe it or not), as well as their control on federal lands.

I should ask Lance Russell for the detailed report - he's the legal expert on it in SD.
Anonymous said…
one thing that is truly is get hot is people's anger toward this phony who pretended to be something she is not to get elected
Anonymous said…
"I should ask Lance Russell for the detailed report - he's the legal expert on it in SD."

Thanks for that PP, needed a good laugh this morning to start the work week.
Anonymous said…
PP is serious. Lance is the Attorney for the grasslands coalition, and has spent quite a bit of time training in environmental law.

That's in addition to being the point person in grousing to our congressional delegation in getting something done.

You can mock Lance because you don't agree with his politics, but He knows his stuff when it comes to this area.
Anonymous said…
The prairie dog issue is a Federal issue because the National Grasslands are where the prairie dogs are being mismanaged. Senator Thune is the reason there is poisoning of the prairie dogs on the edges of the federal lands today.

The federal government allows one species to destroy the resource on the national grasslands in the name of environmentalism, but Stephanie is overly concerned with cyclical climate patterns so she takes a jet to Greenland with Pelosi. Her true colors are shining. She hasn't done anything about the conservation of the resource on the national grasslands in South Dakota but is off to Greenland in with a democrat from San Franscio.

PP, I get it.
Anonymous said…
Where is Hillary, Jr? She can run all over the World when here in Aberdeen she could do plenty of work to help the flood victims.
Anonymous said…
Herseth - just one more Democrat with San Francisco values.
Anonymous said…
Hillary Jr....that's perfect!

Queen Hillary.

Princess Stephanie.

and us peasants who should just be happy we can be graced by their greatness
scimitar said…
Leave it to Republicans to deny the consensus of the scientific community.

You're all smarter than a bunch of scientists, and you put a whole lot of effort into study before you rule out science, right? Everything you need to know is right here in South Dakota.

That whole evolution thing is a bunch of bunk too, right? Just another example of scientists not knowing what they're talking about.

Good thing we have you geniuses to set the scientists straight!
Anonymous said…
scimitar, these aren't Republicans,
these are luddites.
Anonymous said…
pp maybe you and Lance can hug when you get the low-down on p dogs.
The problem is 3 fold, DROUGHT and grazing all three have created the probblem along with the FS not being on top of things, they could have done much more to protect the adjoining private lands, but on public lands the prairie dog can work and live along side fo the P dog.
Anonymous said…
PP - You claimed that her staffer went with her on the trip, and now commenter "max" is inferring that she took multiple staffers on the trip.

Have you been able to confirm the fact that you reported yet? Do you know how many staffers she took with her?

Your readers want to know!
Anonymous said…
The predictions are that a shift in the climate will lead to more widespread drought in western south dakota, which will make the prairie dog problem much worse than it already is. Toeing the oil industry line on climate change is not going to solve the prairie dog issue....
Anonymous said…
I think we're missing an opportunity here. Let's ship the prairie dogs to Greenland since it's not cold there anymore and nobody lives there anyway.

Alternative plan, let's bring in Mitt Romney (aka Elmer Fudd) to hunt them. He seems to like small game, and it should make a great photo op to please all them ranchers. That's good politics. I can see it now, the picture of that great hunter with warmints spread out in front of him like the old black and white picture of his grandpa with all of his wives.
Anonymous said…
I think she's been up tp speed on the issue since before Thune even made it to the Senate.

From August 2004:

"In Congress, Rep. Herseth has worked to keep the black-tailed prairie dog off of the endangered species list. On July 23, Herseth wrote to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Steven A. Williams asking him “to take all appropriate steps to remove the prairie dog from the candidate list.” And two days ago, on August 10th, the Herseth joined Senators Daschle and Johnson in a letter to Secretary Norton requesting that prairie dogs “be removed from the candidate list immediately.” Herseth noted she was pleased that Norton responded to the delegation’s request quickly."

And before Thune was sworn into office, in December of 2004, Herseth met with the SD Stockgrowers about the issue. They reported: "According to [SD Stockgrowers President Ken] Knuppe, Herseth shared the Stockgrowers’ concerns about the prairie dog infestation on federal, tribal and private lands in South Dakota.'”

She worked to keep the prairie dogs off the endangered species list while Thune was lobbying/campaigning. The stockgrowers -- those most affected by the issue -- noted that they were on the same page before Thune was sworn in.

And PP is spreading rumors about her staff to try to muddy the issue.
Anonymous said…
If PP reported that a staffer went on the trip, it has to be true. He has good sources and he is careful not to print unsubstantiated rumors. He has more integrity on these things than any of the mainstream South Dakota reporters. Those who doubt him should print proof that no staffers were on the trip.
Anonymous said…
10:54, I say you're a dumb !@#. Now go disprove that.

When someone just throws something out there with no proof it's not my job or anyone else's to disprove what they say. If someone makes a claim they better be prepared to prove their own claim.
Anonymous said…
Anybody who read PP's comment about staff members could see it was just a humorous speculation: "I wonder how many staffers she took..." etc. He never tried to say it was fact. That's a major problem with liberals... confusing facts with opinion. Kind of like the "concensus" on global warming. This is a consensus of opinion, not of fact.
arthur said…
Here's the change Pelosi And Princess Stephanie witnessed in Greenland - it's become a tourist attraction for gasbag Hollywood liberals and now, it appears Washington liberals as well ...

Global warming's boom town - Ilulissat, Greenland

It continues to amaze me the way liberals fall over each other embracing the global warming religion. They appear to have no regard whatsoever about the impact that global warming "solutions" will have on the US economy. And they accuse skeptics of failing to understand the science because the concensus of government-funded scientists say it's so.

Well, I have studied the science, and it's clear to me that the IPCC's statement of "90% certainty" that human greenhouse gas emissions are causing climate change is pure BS.

Higher carbon dioxide concentrations alone will not heat the planet. The theory depends on amplifications from clouds and water vapor, which are poorly understood, and could just as easily offset any CO2 related warming.
Anonymous said…
12:28 - shame on you! You're gonna give the libs headaches trying to counter your rational discourse.

I suppose you think prairie dogs should be controlled too? Are you one of those welfare ranchers?
scimitar said…
12:28, I guess those scientists just didn't think of what you did, huh? You're just so much smarter than they are, huh? That scientific consensus just isn't based upon anything, huh?

Are you a scientist? What do you think of evolution?
Anonymous said…
Yea, 10:50a hehe

Like when we see miss thing in her brand new hunting vest with a perfect phesant in her hand or when she scares the crap out of the cows when she walks in the cattle yard for the press pictures.
what a laugh!!!
Get real!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
The situation here has nothing to do with climate change, actually. It really has to do with the fact that Stephanie is galavanting off in Greenland when there are serious problems at home. When we only have one Representative in our state, the priorities cannot be split: Did she forget that she was Herseth-Sandlin, D- SD??

This is starting to sound familiar to another person who represented out state.
nonnie said…
Stephanie is just reading the writing on her little wall that shows the Dems will win the next election, and she wants to be in good standing with Pelosi in that case. That's more important to her political future than anything we think at home since she is sure she will win re-election over anyone the Reps put up for either House or Senate anyway. She simply has to show up back here, smile a lot, look perky, and walk in a few more farmyards, stressing the name Herseth again, and she's "in like Flint" (whatever that means, I never did know!).

With her run on, say nothing sentences to answer questions, she will obfuscate the issues and people will vote for her again anyway. Just wait and see! I won't, but plenty will. And some will atually vote for her just because she's a woman, same as the reasoning for Hillary. Sad but true.
Patrick said…

Though some sections of the science of global climate chagne may remain less than fully understood, the overall picture is quite clear.

"THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I've just met with senior members of my administration who are working to develop an effective and science-based approach to addressing the important issues of global climate change.
President Bush makes a statement about global climate change on Monday, June 11 at the White House.

This is an issue that I know is very important to the nations of Europe, which I will be visiting for the first time as President. The earth's well-being is also an issue important to America. And it's an issue that should be important to every nation in every part of our world.

The issue of climate change respects no border. Its effects cannot be reined in by an army nor advanced by any ideology. Climate change, with its potential to impact every corner of the world, is an issue that must be addressed by the world. "


I think if a president not especially known for policies of environmental proctection considers it a major issue, it's probably a pretty well-accepted idea.

Rather than declaring a liberal-driven science conspiracy, maybe you should just read some articles (real articles from real news sources, not blogs) and actually listen to what it says rather than burying any new ideas under a salt grain the size of a dump truck.
greatplains said…
nonnie said...
"And some will atually vote for her just because she's a woman, same as the reasoning for Hillary. Sad but true."

And some will vote for Thune just because he's a Christian. Sad but true.
Anonymous said…
McCain recently went to Greenland, no problem there.
Anonymous said…
Herseth Sandlin's apologists are working overtime on this web site. That is interesting the level of interest our liberal friends have in attacking the conservatives and defending the liberals on this blog.

Consider that a compliment to your efforts, PP. They actually want to attempt undermine capitalism on your site!?!

It is amazing that in one breath the liberals are claiming prairie dogs aren't really a problem, and in almost the same breath, that she is somewhat responsible for helping to solve the problem. I know for a fact that she has done almost nothing for the landowners. Quit stretching the truth and admit she's on the side of the environmental extremists and the other democrat preferred classes of San Francisco. What interests do South Dakotans have with that crowd? Do tell Herseth Sandlin apologists.
Anonymous said…
It has almost gone unnoticed that Thune also got the introduction of blackfooted ferrets stopped into Wind Cave National Park temporarily. They were to be released in late April and our Senator got it stopped single-handedly. Hats off to John! I think he knows he represents Scenic and St. Onge and not San Fransisco.

If Stephanie spent more time in Scenic and St. Onge and less time in San Fransisco and Greenland, maybe her values would be more consistent with ours.

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