Back up at an all time high

After a few months where traffic has dropped off, as session waned, and the political news slowed down, my hits went back up to levels nearly meeting my all time high between 31,000 and 32,000.

Dang. And thanks for your continued readership. Don't forget to patronize the sponsors websites (DeMersseman, Jensen, Christianson, Stanton and Huffman as well as Sam Kooiker for Mayor).

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Anonymous said…
Yeah, Oct 06. That's when all us Dems started coming over here. (Just kidding.)
Mrs. Dash said…
You've gotten funnier, PP. Humor = Hits.
Anonymous said…
PP- Better send a thank you card to Ted Klaudt and his foster girls.
This egg's for you!
nicholas Nemec said…
Yeah Teddy Klaudt is why your hits are up. Do some background research on what various leaders knew and when they knew it about Klaudt's alleged strip club attendance and some of his other misogynistic tendencies and your hits will really skyrocket.
PP said…
Nick -

I don't think legislative leaders on either side of the aisle track what their members do or who they traffic with at night. If they did, we wouldn't have had the Dan Sutton hearings, either.

And if we're going into the propensity of legislators to visit strip clubs, not that I know about Ted's habits, but I seem to recall a few Democrats who would be damned as well, not to mention the Democrat who lived at the apartment above the Hopscotch (who was often in there enjoying an adult beverage).

What Ted admitted to was unspeakable. And if he did half of what he's accused of, I'd go so far as to call it evil. And I guarantee you there's a lot of Republicans who are out there wishing they'd known beforehand.

But to say that Legislative leaders should have been watching? You let me know what your party's leaders do about their legislator's behavior, and strip bar attendance and then I'll look into mine.
nicholas Nemec said…
Strip club attendance while legal is not acceptable behavior for elected leaders. It's been over ten years since I've been part of the legislative scene and I am unaware of any attendance by members of either party at the Hopscotch during that era.

I don't doubt there are Democrats that go to strip clubs but I don't know who they are. Misogyny runs deep in Pierre beneath a veneer of equality. Print their names Pat. Print all their names. If you aren't going to print their names then e-mail them to me and I'll give each one a dope slap while counseling them with my "Are you nuts? What the hell were you thinking?" speech.

I've got four daughters and I know you have a back seat full of daughters too. Woman's rights have come a long way in my lifetime. But there is still a lot to be done to insure that our daughters have all the opportunities that a boy has. Exposing and shaming misogyny, starting at the top, is a step in the right direction.

Oh yeah, it might help your hit counter too.
oldguy said…
Wow. I find myself agreeing with Nicholas 100%.
Anonymous said…
The Hopscotch is to strip clubs what the SD War College web page is to serious news.

Not that there's anything wrong with meaningless light entertainment every once in a while.
Anonymous said…
The Hop of today is nothing like the Hop of old. Just ask the hookers working there. Now that's something somebody ought to talk to LL about.
Anonymous said…
3:10, I haven't been there since the remodel. Did the dancers get any better, or do they all still look like Klaudt's sister?
Anonymous said…
4:44 Cold shot.

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