Republican Senator Jason Gant getting an award today

The Madison Daily Leader has an article noting that State Senator Jason Gant is being feted today in Pierre for his work on openness in State Government:
Jason Gant, a state senator from Sioux Falls, and the South Dakota State University Collegian staff will each be given the Eagle Award Saturday in Pierre. Each year the award recognizes an individual or group demonstrating outstanding efforts to protect the public's right to know.

Gant is being recognized for his work in the legislature to promote open government issues. In 2006 he sponsored legislation that directed the attorney general to conduct a study of what records held by state and local governments are open and accessible to the public or confidential.
Read it all here, as the SDSU Collegian is also being honored as well.


Anonymous said…
Gant also supported legislation to promote breast feeding in the work place. Does he get an award for that too?
Anonymous said…
As Republican House Leader Jerome Lammers used to say frequently: "You can do anything you want as long as you have the votes." Now, I suppose you can get any award you want for legislation you steal from the minority party as long as you have the clout.
scimitar said…
Last year Gant proposed that the AG study the issue (which the AG had already studied perpetually since he took office in 2003). This year, Gant proposed that the legislature study what the AG came up with.

It's funny how republicans want to keep studying this issue to death. Anything to delay and avoid actually passing an open records bill - as the Democrats proposed this year.

If delay tactics make you a champion for openness then the whole republican party deserves the award.
Anonymous said…
Right ON! We needed action years ago! Gants Tactics are nothing more than delaying tactics.
Anonymous said…
I just love Jason Gant and I say "way to go Jason!!!"

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