MAINstream. More MAINstream, and yet even more on the MAINstream Coalition

The MAINstream coalition has recently added a membership form to their website where you too can join the group.

As you might already know, as described in the Rapid City Journal, “One theme of the group so far is separation of church and state. Organizers said that though this has been brewing among them for some time, the role of Congress - and religious factions - in the recent Terry Schiavo case prompted a reaction.”

That being said, about the whole getting religion out of government thing, I just have one question. If there is concern over religion being involved in government and politics, why is there a reduced membership rate for clergy?

Continuing on the topic, it looks like there will be an 'expose' on the group in the November 23 issue of the Dakota Voice – as you can see here. South Dakota Mainstream Coalition: what is the real agenda? Looks to be an interesting, albeit opinionated article. I signed up for my free issue just to take a look.

And yet even more news on the whole MAINstream thing: They elected officers. and according to the article on the Black Hills Portal, the officers include:

Chairman: Mel Olson, a schoolteacher from Mitchell. Olson served eight years in the South Dakota Senate and four years in the SD House of Representatives. He served as Democratic minority leader in the House.

Vice-Chairman: Arlene Ham Burr, a retired businesswoman from Rapid City. She served eight years in the South Dakota Senate and has served as State Chairperson and National Committeewoman for the Republican Party.

Treasurer: Reverend Kathryn Timpany, Sioux Falls, senior pastor of First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ. Timpany has also served in churches in Washington, Massachusetts and Kansas. She writes a weekly column called "Rev it Up"

Secretary: David Volk, a Sioux Falls businessman. Volk was elected 5 times as South Dakota State Treasurer and served 8 years as Secretary of Commerce and Regulation under Governor Janklow. He is a Vietnam veteran and was awarded the Bronze Star while serving with 101st Airborne Division. He currently does some teaching and recently helped establish an insurance company with headquarters in Sioux Falls.

Read it all here

And don't forget Dave is looking at a Sioux Falls City Commission race.


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