Today, on a Very Special Episode of South Dakota War College

From this morning's Rapid City Journal:

Corporate income tax won’t be on 2006 ballot

By Chet Brokaw, Associated Press Writer

PIERRE — The sponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment to create a state corporate income tax said he failed to get enough signatures to put the measure on the 2006 ballot because he did not get enough support from various interest groups.

Rep. Gerald Lange, D-Madison, said he made a mistake in not lining up support earlier from groups representing schools, counties and other interests that would have benefited from his proposal. He said he realized about two months ago he would not be able to get the 33,456 petition signatures required to put the measure on the November 2006 ballot for a statewide vote.

The measure would have used revenue from a tax on corporate income to repeal the sales tax on food, give state aid to counties and boost spending on education at all levels.

The deadline for submitting petition signatures for proposed constitutional amendments was Monday. Lange said he could not get the required signatures because he used volunteers and refused to consider hiring paid petition circulators.

“I was way too optimistic when I went into this,” Lange said.
Read it all here.

And Gerry Lange has been around politics and the process how many years? A lot more than most people, including Bill Napoli. But Bill managed to do it. A lot more than the J.A.I.L. People, but they managed to do it.

Might it be that most South Dakotans don't want an income tax of any way shape or form? Another interesting article today was noting that a software company chose South Dakota because of our low cost of living, and that it might continue to draw more business.

Yeah, O.k. So I'm pretty one sided on this.

Regardless, it's tough to have an honest debate on an issue when one side says they're going to show up and start a debate, and they don't show. Kind of like an afterschool special about bullying, when the bully says he's going to beat you up at 3:30. Except in this version, he doesn't show up.

Not that I'm disappointed. The income tax has gotten his clock cleaned everytime it's shown up in the school yard. You'd think it would have learned it's lesson by now.


Anonymous said…
Where is my photo. You can not tease me and not put it back. As you well know I need all the help I can get. You should know that a "friend" today told me he only gets his"news" from your site. Hope wife and family are doing well in Brookings.
PP said…
e-mail me privately at

Otherwise, the veteran photos are going to be up through next week, and I'll rotate them again.

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