Update on Betty Olson running for 28B House

Big hat tip to Jennifer Giannonatti, Chairman of the South Dakota College Republicans. I had opined a day or so ago that I didn't know anything about Betty Olson who is running for the Legislature in District 28B. As she was originally a Harding county resident, Jennifer was kind enough to bring me up to speed:
Betty is one of the best & brightest conservatives around. She's known all around the northwestern part of the state for her wit, energy & political savvy--also for her weekly news column in the Nation's Center News.
I knew that name sounded familiar. Betty has a regular weekly column in the Nations Center News, and if there's anything that gives a candidate an instant leg up on the competition, it's name ID. Week after week of having her face and name in front of voters probably puts her out front as the race starts. We'll just have to watch and see if she keeps up the early momentum.

A big thanks for the tip to Jennifer, and also a shout out to the Senate Republican Interns; Jennifer, Isaac, and the rest of the crew.

As a former Intern myself (back in 1988 along with State Auditor Rich Sattgast) I can guarantee you that your interning experience is the best political education you'll ever get.


Anonymous said…
Hey - thanks for the neat article on my race for the House in 28B. I have to admit that I stumbled on to your blog by accident, but you can be sure I will visit regularly from now on! Nice site.
PP said…
You're welcome
Anonymous said…
Is this the same Jennifer Giannonatti who was supposed to be charged for violating election laws in 2004? I would think her endorsement of Betty Olson might not be considered a positive thing?

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