South Dakotans for Medical Marijuana TV Ad
(Initiated Measure 4)

This ad is ok. But just ok. If I was to do it, I think I'd insert some graphics all throughout the message with regards to the points she was making, and noting a "vote yes on 4" message on it.

But see it for yourselves.


Unknown said…
So, Pat, if what Valerie says in the ad is true, what would you suggest?

"Let her eat valium."?
Anonymous said…
Valium is good--Vicoden, hydrocodone, MS, ultram,---- Seriously if med. mar. is so great we need to take the chemicals from it, put it in a pill and give it to her! Oh-it can't pass FDA muster because it has dangerous side effects and isn't really effective for pain relief and why would anyone want to put time and money into research for it when we know that already!.

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