Hey now, you're a rock star. But don't stare at them too long.

I was having a discussion with someone yesterday about who the emerging Rock Stars were within the political scene. His thesis centered on the fact that most of the big names emerge as the best and the brightest among distinct political camps, such as John Thune who emerged from the Abdnor camp.

Here's a topic for discussion - who are the new political rock stars, and to whom do they owe their allegiance - or, at least what camp would you identify them with?

And do we inadvertently burn out potential Rock Stars in their "star infancy" too quickly by identifying them and amping up expectations to ridiculous levels. Such as when political columnists start predicting congressional runs on the basis of a single election win?


Anonymous said…
someone stared at Larry Russell to long! I would say after last week's postings he's basically fish food!
Anonymous said…
Dusty Johnson, Larry Russell, Scott Heidepreim, Ben Ready, Jim Seward, Chris Madson, Rich Sattgast and maybe the two new guys, Kolbeck and Jarod Johnson. These are some of the rock stars out there. We will see which of these continue to seek political fame. And who knows which of these even want to be in the political BS.
Anonymous said…
Well,looking back over the years, rock stars and shooting stars have the same thing in common: Most burn out real fast!
Anonymous said…
Justin Davis, Tom Hackl, Jason Glodt, Paul Gourley
Anonymous said…
Chris Madsen is toast. I don't think you could ever say he was a rising star.
Anonymous said…
David Lust, newly elected Rapid City representative. He will impress a lot of people when he gets to Pierre.
Anonymous said…
okay, well you can't be politically born yesterday! just because he was "recently" elected doesn't mean anything.
Anonymous said…
Madsen is definitely a rock star. Hopefully he decides to seek office again soon.
Anonymous said…
Ben Ready! Megan Olson! Tom Hackl! Paul Gourley!
Anonymous said…
Who cares about camps?

Rock Stars on the Oldies tour (singing thier only hit):

Vern Larson (Who should have stopped playing a decade ago)

Their first album rocked, but we're still waiting to see if their second one is any good:

Dusty Johnson
Rich Sattgast
Larry Russell
Chris Nelson
BJ Nesselhuf

Rising acts:

Jenn Giannonatti (not her new boss)
Steve Kolbeck
Scott Heidepreim (after changing musical styles)
Don Carr
Russell Olson
Kristi Noem
Nancy Turbak
Manny Steele

Bargain Bin:

Max Wetz & Randy Frederick
Judy Olson Duhamel
Ron Volesky

Rolling Stones Level (We love them because they're the best):

John Thune
Stephanie Herseth

Harry Connick Jr. Level (OK, but we can't put our finger on why we like them):

Tim Johnson
Bill Napoli
Frank Kloucek
Phyllis Heineman

Paris Hilton level (We originally thought they were hot, but too much attention was paid to them.):

Cooper Garnos
Shantel Krebs
Rich Engels
Bryce Healy
Anonymous said…
I forgot Jason Glodt, he is a rock star. If Chris Madson wants back into the political scene I personally will knock on doors for him, we the people of South Dakota would be fortunate to have someone of his caliber working for us.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:50 you hit the ball out of the park.
Anonymous said…
Keep an eye on Tom Katus.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:42 - you quote like the Argus Leader. The previous poster said "newly" elected, not "recently" elected.
Anonymous said…
I agree with a lot of the previous posts, but want to add a few more names for thought.

We will see more out of Dennis Daugaard and expect a lot of behind the scenes work by Tony Venhuizen.
Anonymous said…
The best thing Larry Russell ever decided to do was take a break from politics. Larry really needed it. He had spent his entire career helping Republicans get elected. What did he get in return for all his loyalty? A swift kick in the face. Larry did not commit wrong doing. A handful of his employees made a procedural error that takes place each and every day in banks and law offices across SD. My banker even illegally notarized my mortgage papers without personally witnessing me signing them. Larry's job was not to watch every single detailed action of his employees. He had over 1,000 empoyees state-wide, and his job was to ensure that voters were being identified, persuaded, and flushed out to vote for all the Republican candidates. You can never take anything away from Larry Russell. His record speaks for itself. He helped usher in a Republican tidal wave in 2002 and 2004. Larry Russell is a big reason why many of the state-wide elected Republicans are in office today. They could not have won without Victory's ground game. It seems like people don't like Larry Russell because they are jealous of his intelligence and talent. I can honestly say all of this because I am a West River Democrat who would support Larry Russell if he sought office.
Anonymous said…
Speaking for one side of the camp. Those who ARE or WERE great for this state and believe me there were some great leaders who care/cared deeply for this state and worked their backside off for the good of the state and the people never recieved the attention they should have.

Whom is to blame if I have to tell you then it is a sad day.

L Russell doesn't belong in this list unless you also consider the thousands of people who did the same thing he did for candidates so where are their names???
Anonymous said…
Mark Mickelson would have my support for Governor. Marty Jackley will be a great candidate for Attorney General.
Anonymous said…
Dusty Johnson, Jim Seward, Lee Schoenbeck, and Larry Russell.
Anonymous said…
I think Dennis Daugaard will be formidable candidate if he decides to run for governor. I don't know that I would characterize him as a "rock star," however, if only becuase this seems so contary to his nature. He is a "servant-leader" - the reluctant candidate.

And I've seem a few people mention Paul Gourley - my experience is that he has "Larry Pressler" syndrome - he always seems like he is on something.
Anonymous said…
Can't believe no one has mentioned Matt Michels.... Probably the next Governor.
Anonymous said…
Matt M is a great guy, i would back him...
He can get down to business, get it done and has a sense of humor!
Anonymous said…
Brock Greenfield.
Anonymous said…
were you feeling left out, Brock?
Anonymous said…
I really wish people would quit put their forward their own names.

It's tacky, and everyone sees right through it.
Anonymous said…
You baby killers can't help but take shots at Brock, can you?

My guess is that you posted his name yourself, just so you could take a couple more cheap shots at him....

Can you check the IP's pp, to see if I'm right?

I'm surprised you haven't posted Randy's name too, so you can call him fat again..

Grade school crap.
Anonymous said…
pot, meet kettle. kettle - pot.
Anonymous said…
I believe/feel that the 'baby killer" comments should stop. I am pro-life and this does nothing but flame the debate in the wrong direction.
Once again, maybe this should be a topic of its own but I still feel the debate should be more than name calling and jabs. That does nothing.
Anonymous said…
As a Dem, I've heard that Matt Tobin may challenge Gene Abdallah next time around, or go for Attorney General. Russ Levsen who works for Herseth may be a candidate next time around, too.
Anonymous said…
Passion is a good thing!
Brock has passion and he believes in the cause as many do. Those on the other side of the debate have the same passion.
For many/most I have a feeling there is more common opinions than Voiced. Yes, there is the far side in each direction.
So let's clean it up and get on with the debate in civil form.
Besides this is off topic for this post.
Anonymous said…
What about Governor Rounds?
Anonymous said…
Shane Penfield is an up and comer in the Pennington County Republican Party.
Anonymous said…
I heard Penfield is seriously considering a run for Congress and may be in line to follow Larry Long as AG? Stephanie better get ready for a real challenge from this young, bright star.
Anonymous said…
How about Kari Weems?
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah forgot about good ol' Governor Penfield.

Let's just say if you've worked for the Lawrence County State's Attorney office, you're no saint. Madsen is toast!

Only thing Gourley is high is success.
Anonymous said…
Seward's getting ready to run for AG, help me connect the dots:

1) He gave Long's nominating speech at convention.

2) Scotty Odenbach moved back to Speafrish to start up a private law firm with Jim.

3) Odenbach would be a natural choice for running a campaign. He's also probably foaming at the mouth over the possiblity of becoming Deputy AG.

4) Seward was everywhere at convention talking to whoever would listen.

5) Didn't see Penfield anywhere.

6) Seward left the state's attorney job. Not enough flexiblity.


Anybody care to speculate about Tom Wollman and Lincoln County?
Anonymous said…
Seward has some good credentials. He backed Long in 2002 despite Fitzgerald being in the race. He's hoping he'll win Longs blessing in 2008 along with that comes all the committee votes.

If you want to win one of those nominations you need to spend a couple of years talking to everyone who will listen. Investing time building friendships with committee members is invaluable.
Anonymous said…
Lance Russel for state party chair.

Agressive Grassroots organizer the antitheis of Rosenthal.

Well liked by good conservatives and the party faithful.

The judge thing didn't work for him so now he has time to run the party.
Anonymous said…
If Penfield doesn't take Steph's place in Congress or the AG office, I think he should move home and retake Klaudt's seat.
Anonymous said…
Don't kid yourself, Penfield has a large following of bright, conservative Yuppies that could give the GOP a fresh start. Plus, he's got experience behind the scenes and friends in Pierre. Shane's got my vote!
Anonymous said…
plus, Shane's been running for Governor since he was 12.
Anonymous said…
Who are those bright conservative yuppies?
Anonymous said…
Although I don't know why he's in a hurry if he burns up all his limited terms he'll have to move back to North Dakota where he was BORN!


Talking about hopefuls, what about Rachel (Hansen) Kippley. That girl can kick political ass!
Anonymous said…
Why is no one mentioning Sen Bob Gray here. He's actually winning elections and making policy while a number of people on here are just sitting in the bleachers watching him. Plus his wife is hot.
Anonymous said…
Right on anon 3:13--Gray's wife is a rock star. Another name that has to come up for any statwide office is Bob Sutton. That guy has big time connections.
Anonymous said…
Penfield's not a North Dakotan. He might have been born in Hettinger because Lemmon didn't have a hospital, but he was some sort of champion cheese judger in SD FFA. The SD electorate will eat that up...
Anonymous said…
Did Dodge really beat Healy or is it all just a bad dream?
Anonymous said…
No way Penfield can eat more burgers than Greenfield. No Way!
Anonymous said…
Whatever the reason Penfield has a North Dakota Birth Certificate! That's an issue that Penfield can't undue.
(Penfield, if you're reading this, I hope you know I'm just giving you a bad time, you're my hero)

Brock on the other hand, shut up!
Anonymous said…
I bet Penfield makes sure that all of his kids are born in South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
Shane's about the only Republican in this state I'd ever vote for.
Anonymous said…
Anon 4:39

Miss Herseth, Shane is a married man, you need to stop trying to hit on him.
Anonymous said…
What about Darin Smith?
Anonymous said…
What about Tim Rounds? Someday they will be calling Mike Tim's brother.
Anonymous said…
The FFA cheese judging thing would be GOLD in southern Sioux Falls.
Anonymous said…
Please, we will never be referring to Mike Rounds as Tim Rounds brother.

Anonymous said…
Brendan Johnson
Anonymous said…
Finally, I get it. You Anons are basically a bunch of groupies. Far out. Rock on, chix.

pps. ...when in Rome...
Anonymous said…

Since all these names are coming up from parents or grandparents who have held political office, does this mean that ANY child of a political has a right to hold office. hummm you now those coat tails......
Anonymous said…
I forgot all about Shane Penfield!

I spent some time hunting out in Perkins County and heard a lot of good things about Shane Penfield!

Did you know that a lot of people in the Lemmon area already refer to him as Governor! No kidding, they really do!

Shane has a whole lot of support in Northwestern South Dakota. Simply because he is just a darn good person! He is just a down to earth really nice young man and people really like that trait! But can he stay that way if he gets more involved in politics?

He is a Republican that even Democrats like!

Shane Penfield IS an up and coming star!

I don’t know about cheese, but Shane has spent enough time on the ranch that he knows “bull” when he hears it!
Anonymous said…
dang: was to be "you know those coat tails"
Anonymous said…
On top of what has been posted he apparently gets along with T. Tad Perry!
We have ourselves a WINNER, Governor Shane Penfield (Soon to be elected)!
I call Secretary of BIT!

Next topic please, pp
Anonymous said…
I heard Penfield walks on water and cures leprosy when he's not hunting or having a love fest with T. Tad.
Anonymous said…
Shane Penfield? Please...The guy has been running for Governor since 4th grade. And Tim Rounds? Nice post, Tim.

Let's talk about some people that actually that have a shot in 2010: Bob Sutton, Michels, Mickelson, Daugaard and others that are quietly jockeying for position.
Anonymous said…
Groupies! You guys sound so gay in this post!!! You're drooling over 20 guys to every one woman.

Are these posts coming from the Castro District or what? Jason, Scott, Jim, Ben Ready, David Lust, Vern,Don, Manny, Larry, Chris, Rich, Dick, Dennis and Brock. Can we sing their praises any louder with lisps? Does Lemmon have a LARGE gay community, or what?!?

Do you guys hang out at Touches, or what?!?!
Anonymous said…
Males are the mind set.
Anonymous said…
Wouldn't Tim Rounds have to figure out how to tie his shoes first?
Anonymous said…
Brokeback Lemmon is it? lol
Anonymous said…
6:03 - you left out the part that none of them want to refer to him as their brother.
Anonymous said…
After the campaign I need a vacation. I'll meet you in Paris at the Hilton.
Anonymous said…
Charlie Johnson is a grassroots rising star!
Monday, November 20, 2006

Charlie Johnson of the Alliance for Our Future today challenged the
governor's Constitutional Commission to themselves collect signatures
to put their proposals on the ballot.

"I dare any of the commission members to take any of their
predetermined measures and personally stand in front of courthouses
and post offices to collect the required amount of signatures rather
than having a governor-led legislature put their measure on the
ballot for them."

Johnson has co-chaired several statement initiatives and referendums
relating to preserving family farming and rural democracy. He
accused the Constitutional Commission meeting Monday in Sioux Falls
of trying to put up roadblocks to the referendum and initiative.

"One of the recommendations is that before an initiative can be
started and circulated, it must be brought before a public hearing.
This commission seeks to cover up inaction by a governor-led
legislature to tackle important issues for this state by throwing up
bigger and bigger hurdles for the initiative and referral process."

"To throw up bigger roadblocks for the referral and initiative
process will not prevent well financed out-of-state special interests
from getting issues on the ballot. Only grass roots efforts led by
average South Dakotans will be the issues that suffer."

"Some say there were too many issues on the ballot last election."
Johnson notes that three of the issues were placed on the ballot by
the governor-led legislature, two issues were placed by out-of-state
interest(Amendment E and cell phone tax), and the abortion ban was a
measure passed by the legislature and then referred. Out of 11
issues on the ballot, only 5 were put on the ballot a least in part
by South Dakotans. Voting on five South Dakota measures is not
asking too much of the process."

"Any commission member or legislator who thinks the signatures of 5%
of the voters is easy to get should try it themselves. We'll gladly
hand them all the clipboards they want."
Anonymous said…
Bill Janklow Dennis Weise and Dan Sutton Rising stars or Fallen angels?
PP said…
Charlie Johnson rising star?


Anyone who hitches themselves to the SD Peace and Justice Center, Kooistra, Gerry Lange and Bob Weber isn't a rising star... they're about to be sucked into a black hole.
Anonymous said…
Names not yet mentioned. Scott Swier, Billie Jo Waara, Sam Kooiker.
Anonymous said…
The Flandreau trio are fallen Angels, although Janklow was obviously never an Angel. With all her great ads, it's too bad Mary Nosbush didn't win and make the list. What were the people of Dist 4 thinking??
Anonymous said…
11:31 the people of district 4 were thinking they have a solid delegation in Pierre already. That's why they kept their Representatives, and rejected playboy Larry Dietrich trying to make a comeback in the senate.

You know, the same Larry Dietrich who spent 8 years in the legislature and never held a leadership post. His replacement, Sen. Jim Peterson IS in leadership.
Anonymous said…
Mary Nosbush? I think the voters were thinking there were enough one issue right wing Republicans in Pierre. Ask Schwiesow how that worked for her...
Anonymous said…
Speaking of rock stars, shooting stars, never were stars, Schwiesow sure was talked up on this blog and especially by PP going into this election. Now she's 0 for 2.

Her walloping this year was so severe that it's clear she's unelectable no matter how many more republicans her district has than democrats.

Let this be a lesson to you right wingnuts. The only reason right wingnuts are elected is because their opponents don't have the funding to expose their craziness to the voters. Keep counting on voter ignorance, but eventually - the public will catch on to your radicalism, and you'll draw a good opponent.

Dems will be looking to pick up 3 more senate seats in '08. If you're a rightwingnut, there's a target on your back.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it great that there are people out there so hell bent on keeping baby-killing legal, that it becomes their main focus on who to beat in the next election? Rather scary to think this is what SD and the US have come to!
Anonymous said…
Will someone please tell me why or how Brendan Johnson is qualified to be in congress? Because Daddy was there - is this a Kennedy thing?
Anonymous said…
Will someone please tell me why or how Brendan Johnson is qualified to hold the SD long congressional seat? Is it merely because his Dad has served for many years? Regardless of party that seems a bit Bush or Kennedy to many of us South Dakotans. I saw we can find a qualified soul out there somewhere.

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