Healy joins the SDEA

What happens when you lose an election in South Dakota?

Many people take some time off to reflect on the controversies, the continued and extended political battles, and the warring between the political parties.

But not Bryce Healy. He's jumping back into the thinck of all of those things with his new job at the SDEA as reported by KCCR News:
Bryce Healy has gone from a job dealing with education funds to a job advocating for educators.

Healy officially today starts his new job as the executive director of the South Dakota Education Association. The organization, which represents more than 7,000 educators statewide, is based here in Pierre.


That challenge, Healy says, will include making sure SDEA works with other educational groups on issues during the legislative session. Healy says cooperation is the key.

Healy says he plans to spend time initially learning about the issues involving SDEA.
Read it all here. I might be teasing Bryce a bit, because he's an awfully nice guy. But I'm not sure I envy him taking the reigns over there. With such a stridently partisan group, it's going to be a challenge to see if they might actually start to play well with others. (And treat their own employees well enough so they don't go on strike).

Bryce - congrats on your new job, and good luck.


Anonymous said…
SDEA's party is "education". That organization is for anyone who supports public schools and teachers.

There is a reason SDEA supports more Democrats than Republicans, and that reason was apparent in this year's legislature when the Republicans forced school consolidation, and blocked a 4.3% increase in school funding. Even Republicans who originally promoted the 4.3% increase - Dave Knudson, Ed Olson - caved at the end and voted in conference committee not to restore the 4.3% to the funding bill.

Democrats have been and continue to be steadfast supporters of public schools and teachers. They don't need to be constantly lobbied and cajoled.

Like you or me or any other organization, we support those who are on our side, and oppose those who oppose our positions.
Anonymous said…
Bryce Healy is a first class manager and a great person. SDEA and the education community will be well served by his common sense approach to solving problems and terrific social skills.
Anonymous said…
10:59, shouldn't you be administrating, rather than blogging? Why aren't blog sites blocked at your school?

As the minority party, the democrats have the luxury of being able to vote for all spending increases and all tax cuts that come across their desks. They can tell educators, farmers, welfare recipients, et. al. that they voted in favor of more funding for their programs. Then they can turn around and tell the taxpayers that they voted to cut their taxes. If the minority party had its way, expenditures would be WAY up and revenues would be WAY down.

Thankfully, some of our elected officials are responsible enough to make the tough decisions. Knudson and Olson aren't exactly conservatives, but even they recognize that at some point they have to make the budget balance.

That's more than we can say for spendthrift administrators.
Anonymous said…
12:54, your comments don't explain why education funding increases this year fell short of the inflation rate, which was 4.7%. Nor do your comments explain why funding increases for state government are greater every year than increases in state funding for schools.

You don't address the tax increases that Rounds and the republican legislature have passed so that they can grow state government at a higher rate than inflation.

This year, Republicans turned against their own core constituency when they voted against the 4.3% increase lobbied heavily by the SF Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, the education enhancement fund continues to grow with money that republicans refuse to give to schools. The education enhancement fund went from $500 million in 2002 to $862 million in 2006.

In 2007, Republicans made the growth of state government their top priority when they killed a bill that caps state government spending growth.

The republican record for the past 4 years is to raise taxes, grow state government, stockpile $362 million of education money, shortchange schools. These are the facts. Not my idea of responsibility.
Anonymous said…
12:54 -

Instead of whining about the Democrats not having to vote for fat budgets and political payoffs in the contractual services accounts, maybe you should elect those Democrats to hold majorities in both chambers and elect a Democratic governor. Obviously, you're too tired and whiny to do the job any longer.
Anonymous said…
What happened to his week on the job at the Dept. of Ag? Did the staff threaten to quit?
Anonymous said…
We know what you're doing at 4:20.
Anonymous said…
PP - That'd be reins which they are handing to Bret.

Reign is a term most aptly applied to the Texas twit in the White House.
Anonymous said…
SDEA deserves Healy, neither one are worth a hoot!

SDEA come up with a fair way to pay great teachers merit pay and a fair way to send non teachers on to a new profession. Then you will be respected!
Anonymous said…
SDEA's party is labor. If they were interested in doing what's best for education, they wouldn't hold such hard lines and would be interested in compromising on issues.

They aren't. So, they take their worthless endorsement and their $200 checks and spread it around to as many Dems as posssible.

Healy might do some good overthere, though. He at least understands that politics is a game of compromises.

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