Rapid City Journal Editorial: Good Riddance Mike Schumacher

The Rapid City Journal didn't recently show a lot of love for it's former employee Mike Schumacher who is at the center of a couple of swirling controversies. (This time it's for the faked e-mails critical of a fellow city commissioner.)

The editorial which appeared this weekend basically said "He's not running again? Probably better that he isn't." Harsh words for someone who used to work for the organization:
That’s why it’s disappointing that aldermen have been bickering among themselves over, of all things, phony e-mails being sent to the council and mayor. What’s worse is that they talked about the bogus e-mail matter — and thought they had it resolved — in executive session — closed to the public.


Hadcock made the matter public at the April 16 council meeting, during which she said it was inappropriate and unprofessional for Schumacher “to play games” and that he told the council he sent the e-mail “because he believed it was funny.”

Well, it’s not funny. Nor is the fact that the city council allowed this discussion to transpire in closed session, a clear violation of the state’s open-meeting law.

We applaud Alderwoman Hadcock for making public an issue that should not have been discussed in secret. As for Alderman Schumacher: He’s not running for re-election on June 5, and perhaps that’s just as well.
(Read the whole thing here.)



Anonymous said…
I wonder if/when PP will learn the difference between it's and its.
Anonymous said…
PP -- you might want to remember that Schumacher is not being "accused" of e-mails, he has admitted and apologized for an e-mail (singular, not plural); an e-mail that was not critical of Hadcock, but of Christmas lights, big difference. The person being accused, is Sam Kooiker.
Anonymous said…
Is that email anywhere on the internet? I was under the impression that by being critical of the Christmas lights, it was poking fun at Hadcock. It would be nice to have the whole story.

Regardless, it was a juvenile, classless act by Schumacher. If that's indicative of his character, the people of Rapid City are much better off to be rid of him.
Anonymous said…
Did anyone ever notice or point out how incredibly overweight Mike is, or what a skinny little number his (x) pal Sam is?. Is the "Jack Sprat" poem appropriate here in light of how everyone is so hot to know about TJ's condition, even though he has no control over his current physicallity
(unlike the above mentioned?)

People, I sincerely wish it weren't necessary to point up things like this to you, but as long as it you seem to be oblivious to the truth of it, someone should, don't you think?
Anonymous said…
hey, 8:42 PM,

did u mis yur last meth hit ?

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