Another State's Attorney jumps in the judicial races

I had recently mentioned that my buddly Lance Russell is running for judge from down in his area. From the Lawrence County Journal, here's news of another States attorney running for another judicial seat:
John H. Fitzgerald age 50 of St. Onge, South Dakota, announced today that he is a candidate for the Fourth Circuit Court Judge Position “A”, held by Jerome Eckrich. Fitzgerald is married and the father of three grown children and also a grandfather.

Fitzgerald is a 1977 graduate of Black Hills State College and a 1979 graduate of the University of South Dakota Law School. He was admitted to the South Dakota State Bar Association in January 1980, and has been a lawyer for 26 years. He has served as the State’s Attorney in both Butte and Lawrence County.
Read it all here.


Bob Newland said…
Lance Russell is an impudent, stupid punk, who will be a disaster on the bench.

Fitzgerald is just stupid, and will be a travesty as judge, as well.

It's worth noting that both these guys strongly opposed 2004's Amendment A, which would have eliminated judicial elections. The principle reason was that both knew neither would ever be a judge if qualifications mattered.
mjb said…
Bob's against them? They've got my vote.
Anonymous said…
Did both John and Lance prosecute Bob for his past drug usage?

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