Argghh. Blogger Troubles tonight

I would have been a more active poster tonight if Blogger would behave. I couldn't post to save my life.

Otherwise, I do have a little news. I've invited some people to start contributing to the website, and if things would ever settle down enough to work, I might be able to get them to consider it.

I noodled on it a long time, and made a point to pick some people who I thought were intellectually and politically up to the challenge. It's an interesting mix. I've asked an attorney, a long time politico who does quite a bit of work in other states but lives here, an elected official, someone with a writing/journalism/photography background, and another top politico who's been involved in some of the hottest races in recent years.

I picked those whom I considered students of their craft and know their stuff. Some are involved (or have been) at varying levels and varying degrees, but I thought they had worthwhile knowledge that they might consider passing on, as well as insight into the issues we're going to be facing this election. They have a grasp of history and trends.

In short, I racked my brain and picked those whom I consider among the best. I'd work with them anyday, and on several occasions, have.

I've already got one "nearly for sure" who has the journalism and photography experience, and once I have coffee with the Attorney, I'll probably have her too. I really want the others to consider it because as the visitor counter is showing, I'm getting some major traffic here lately - and much of it from motivated Republicans who are looking for direction and thoughtful discussion on their political activism. And I'm happy to give them food for thought.

So, as they agree, we might some fresh faces and thoughts here as opposed to me yammering on all the time.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Honest, thought provoking, original thoughts are always interesting and a joy to read.

Rush Limbaugh style demagoguery from either end of the political spectrum gets old real fast.

I look forward to reading your new contributors.
Anonymous said…
How many authors do you need to recite the same old tired false talking points:

Less government
Lower taxes
Better education?

Or are there some people out there who resist lying in public?

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