All quiet at the SDWC tonight....

It will probably be a quiet night at the SDWC tonight, as the campus data center is being taken off line for a major upgrade! (Well, basically my computer parts got here in time for my birthday, so I'm reinstalling everything. It's likely to be an all evening affair.)


Anonymous said…
Why are you covering up the news being broken by the Argus Leader tonight on the special session being open to the public? Are you going to spike the story?
PP said…
Huh? What are you talking about? If they are announcing it, it's just a matter of being off-line at the time, so I'm not "spiking" anything.

When I got home, I tore my computer apart, and installed a new motherboard and CPU. Unfortunately, my prior install of Windows didn't agree with my new motherboard, so I had to reinstall everything from scratch.

I'm just starting to get back on-line now (while Windows Service pack 2 installs)
Schnookums said…
Dorf said…
Happy Birthday, Pat. Enjoy YOUR day!

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