We're being ruled by communists....

Kate Turnbow touched on a story thig morning that's been reported on in the blogosphere before. In the Pierre Capitol Journal she let everyone know what's coming up next from Bill Stegmeier and his friends in the JAIL movement:
A Texan seeking a 2008 presidential nomination has his eye on South Dakota to propose a ballot measure he calls the "American Anti-Communist Act."

Gene Chapman labels himself a "hard core anti-communist," and he is seeking the Libertarian, Constitution, Ten Southern Parties and Boston Tea Party presidential nomination for 2008.

"It's called the Abolitionist Alliance, meaning the legal end of slavery," Chapman said. "Scholars tell us that slavery is the taxation of labor, taxation of property and the counting of people like cattle for the purpose of controlling labor and property."

In regard to the state or states chosen to try to pass Chapman's anti-Communist Act, he said that right now he is looking at all states that allow ballot initiatives and that he hasn't narrowed the field much beyond that.

But he has made a proposal to friend, and Amendment E sponsor, Bill Stegmeier to help him pass his anti-communist act here in South Dakota.

"Bill hasn't become involved in it yet, but this needs to be a ballot initiative because it's hard to get things passed through what I believe are communist aggressors in the Democrat and Republican parties," said Chapman.

Stegmeier said that right now he doesn't know anything about the anti-communist act and that he won't consider putting any other amendments on the ballot until after the election.

Stegmeier also told the story of how he met Chapman on the steps of the IRS office in Austin, Texas.

"I met him through an organization called 'We the People'. He was doing a hunger fast, sitting on the steps of the IRS building and he was going to fast himself to death until they met some kind of terms. Next thing you know we were on the phone together and he had heard about some of the things I was doing," Stegmeier said.
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Anonymous said…
Doesn't South Dakota have enough problems already? Why can't these guys zero in on Montana or some other state instead of always going after South Dakota!
Anonymous said…
I think all of us know how this will turn out.

Republicans will vote for a watered down "American Anti-Communist Act" because that's just what Republicans do!

Democrats will vote against the "American Anti-Communist Act" because that's just what Democrats do!

Republicans will wrap themselves in the American flag during "law signing" pictures and will from now on be known as Communist Fighters.

By voting against the Act, Democrats will show that they are truly pro-Communists! Democrats will be shown as being wrapped in the Nazi flag. They won't be able to use an American flag because they had burned all the ones they owned!

Now honestly, can't most of you picture this happening?
Anonymous said…
Anti-Communis Act? Like Communism has been winning lots of adherents here and abroad lately. I think Bill is still fighting the last war.
Anonymous said…
Ah, think you mean the old "hammer and sickle" Soviet flag, there VJ. The Nazis and the commies sorta hated each other, a lot. That whole Eastern front thing, ya know?

But, when's a little historical acccuracy ever gotten in the way of a good political quote, anyway?
Anonymous said…
On the other hand, in the race to prove whose the biggest idiot, Ron Branson and Lee Schoenbeck appear to be a photo finish tie.
Anonymous said…
Iknow a way to stop this. Make the people (who bring up these ridiculous ideas and cost SD tons of money to fight) pay all costs incurred by the state of SD after their defeat. Maybe then they would choose a different state to play their games in. Right, Bonnie and Bill?
Anonymous said…
Post 4:09 You are correct!

Yes, the "hammer and sickle" Soviet flag. How soon we forget! I guess it's just from too many years of looking for Communists in every closet!

I knew what I was thinking, but I guess my brain said "not today" when I decided to type! lol

And your right again, in this day and age, "historical acccuracy" just doesn't happen too much anymore!

I will try to be more careful in making my comments in the future!

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