Diana MIller and Jake Hanes on Public Television tonight

Diana Miller of No-on-E and Jake Hanes of the Amendment E crew go toe to toe at the public television debate tonight. Go watch the whole thing at SDPB.org as soon as it's posted.


Anonymous said…
If Diana Miller's against, I'm for it.
Anonymous said…
If Diana Miller is the best they can come up with, whoa baby, No WONDER they're nervous!
Anonymous said…
It's kinda weird.

Every time Diana Miller appears on TV my dog throws up.
Anonymous said…
I seldom agree with her, but Diana's right on this one.
Anonymous said…
I think Diana is great. It is very difficult to debate a complete moron like Jake Hanes. It is even harder to debate someone when they are not being truthful or tell only half the story.
The Amendment E supporters have changed their story over and over. If you want to give the criminals all the rights....vote yes on Amendment E.
Anonymous said…
Please note that Ms Miller spells Dianna with two 'n's. I am glad Dianna is using her skills and energy to chase after this goofy bunch. Has our beloved ballot initiative process been coopted by loons? I say vote no on E and then drive the proponents back to their secure compounds where black helicopters can maintain a secret vigil.
yesE said…
In the debate between Jake Hanes and Diana Miller, Ms. Miller stated the E folks did not have one example, case of judicial misconduct in SD. WRONG! In fact, Chief Justice David Gilbertson - alone, siglehandledly - proved why E is required! Accordingly to the SDd State Bar "Minutes" of their December 8, 2005 meeting (conducted just after E qualified for the ballot) Chief Gilbertson was present at that meeting, that was called for the purpose of kicking off the Bar's opposition to E and called for raising $1-million. Gilbertson spoke at the meeting. According to the Unified Justice System's, website, his presence there violated about 5-6 judicial canons of ethics - particulalry that the judiciary is independent, a-policital. (Check it out). When the case on E challenging the Atty Genl's biased official ballot statment on E came to the Sd Supreme Court, Gilbertson recused himself, which a few papers reported. HOWEVER NO PAPERS ASKED WHY?????? HE RECUSED HIMSELF? That he attended the meeting alone shows he is in fact unfit for office - and he's SD's top judge! the fact that no SD judge brought this up shows it's a closed fraternity? Where were the other 2 branches? (Checks & Balances?) Where were the vanguards of our liberty, the lawyers? Where was the 4th Estate? (Why haven't any SD papers brought this up?) Ms. Miller wanted a case of judicial corruption in SD? How ironic, the Chief Justice provided the case. And provided it in spades. Refute this Ms. Miller. Refute this No On E! this is why SD needs Amendment E? This is why E will pass! YesE!
Anonymous said…
And aside from horrendous spelling, we're still waiting for an example of a case that could be taken in front of the JAIL jury...
Anonymous said…
Hmmm. Does MJB stand for Moron Just B****ing.

While I doubt this Moron Just B*****ing can read, (it does explain the use of initials), Moron Just B****ing can go to either websites, below:




That said, has Moron Just B****ing just awakened from a coma? Both websites have been up for a long time.

Which sparks another question.

If Moron Just B****ing can't read, Should a Moron Just B****ing be Allowed to vote?
Anonymous said…
And the jury rests.

Apparently Anonymous (whose real initials are likely MW) can't come up with a real example, so he resorts to namecalling.

And from what I read on www.southdakotagov.info long ago, the only thing it seems to be an example of is a decade long campaign of stalking. And if the judge did anything, he's been far too lenient on ths guy.

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