Strike! Increased workloads and no pay increase. SDEA is on the job.

Increased workloads and no pay increases. SDEA involvement. A strike. You'd think I was talking about teachers protesting their salaries, and SDEA is right there with them deploring the state of education in South Dakota.

Nope. I'm talking about working conditions at SDEA as reported by Bob Mercer in his Statehouse Roundup today in a very telling turn of events. As written in today's Pierre Capital Journal, the professional employees are going on strike to call attention to their plight:

What makes this funny, is that these are some of the same reasons that SDEA throws out at school districts when complaining about the inability of strained local education budgets to pay as much as teachers would like them to pay during salary negotiations.

I wonder if that point is being driven home at the SDEA office?

Probably not. As the next round of salary negotiations and not to mention the legislative session come around, it will likely be a case of "do as I say, not as I do."


Anonymous said…
If I'm not mistaken, one of those employees is a House candidate in District 5.
Anonymous said…
Boy, my heart sure bleeds for them. BOO, HOO.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like there is a good story buried in this somewhere, like, why the staff cuts? is revenue down because membership is down? Hope a good media person ferrets this out.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, why is membership down? Maybe that $48 per month is too hard to come by for the underpaid teachers. After all woulndn't that $48 be better spent on classroom supplies! Lets get a clue South Dakota. If you think we have an education crises now, just wait until baby boomer teachers start to retire. We will be talking about teacher shortages on a large scale. It is time to fix this pass the buck style of government, and it all starts with the taxpayers. Just a little side note to all conservatives, "not all taxes are bad"! It's your choice tax payers, higher property taxes or a State Income Tax. Take care of this before it is too late. Right now the union seems fairly benign, that could all change when there becomes teacher shortages.
Anonymous said…
As a legislative candidate, I interviewed with SDEA members in my area last spring. Being a Republican, I did not get their endorsement. Today I drove past the home of one of the interviewers. Funny thing she has 2 democrat candidate signs in her yard. Does she honestly think they have the power to do anything for her? Why don't those SDEA people get smart and try to work with the Republican leadership if they want to make any real progress on their agenda? They really don't seem to understand how the game works.

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