More on the open or closed session issue.

After Ed Olson weighed in on KELO and other media and said that he thinks the session should be closed, I'm pleased to note that in the KCCR/Oahe TV news this AM, Senator Bob Gray came out and indicated that he thinks that session should be open:
District 24’s state Senator says the public has a right to know whether a fellow Senator behaved inappropriately with a male page.

Republican Bob Gray of Pierre says he understands why Governor Mike Rounds has called for a special session of the Senate to consider allegations that Democratic Senator Dan Sutton of Flandreau may have had misconduct with a high school male.


Gray says he expects that most of the proceedings will be held in public.
Read it all here. (Link will change tomorrow)

So far, we have public pronouncements from two senators. One says open. The other says closed. I've heard privately from a couple of others who are saying open, and since it was privately, I won't "out" them. But I think it's worthwhile to keep a running tally and note who is for an open session, and who isn't.

Olson - Closed Session
Gray - Open Session

Since were two weeks out before the election, I think it's especially important to know where the senators stand. So, is it in your local media? Do senators want to note it themselves? E-mail me here and let me know. And let me know your thoughts on it. If you disagree with me, tell me why, and I'm glad to print it.


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