Here's a news flash for next session - SDSEO is coming out with a bigger hat for legislators to fill

SDSEO (South Dakota State Employees Organization) announced today via press release that they are going to be coming to the legislature asking for a 4% raise for state employees (plus another 2.5% for those below midpoint). KCCR covered this one as well:
The South Dakota State Employees Organization plans to ask next year’s state Legislature for a 4 percent across the board pay hike.


SDSEO executive director Corey Landeen says a 3 percent pay hike was a good idea when first introduced in the 1980s by the late Governor George S. Mickelson. But he says cost of living has far exceeded that increase now.

Landeen admits changing the mindset of the Governor and those legislators who have supported a 3 percent pay raise will be a challenge. But he says an extra one percent will not add that much cost to the state budget.

Landeen says the SDSEO board also will push for an additional 2-point-5 percent pay raise, which is traditionally given to get employees to the midpoint of their salary range. The organization also will ask for no increases in employee costs to the state health plan until the plan can further be studied.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Why not merit pay for these employees? Whats up with across the board pay hikes? Everyone should have stated goals for the position, which could range from increasing efficiency or productivity, and if they goals are rigorous, then they get state employees get pay raises.
Anonymous said…
Not gonna happen. How's Rounds going to fund his next 800 new employees if he gives huge raises to all of the current ones?
Anonymous said…
Not to let facts get in the way, but the VAST majority of those 800 FTEs added by Rounds have been in the university system for research or professors for increasing enrollments - and therefore not paid for with state money. I guess you oppose expanding university research or having more kids go to college. Huh.
Anonymous said…
Rounds always gives the SDSEO what they want and the legislators are damned if they dare bring up not giving Mike what he wants for State employees.One good reason not to have a Gov from Pierre. This Repub is voting for Willis.
Anonymous said…
I heard somewhere that Steve Willis did some jail time for securities fraud or something. Is that true? I didn't hear it from an entirely credible source, so I'm wondering.

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