Statement from gov requesting special session

Statement of Gov. Rounds on the request to call a special session of the
South Dakota Senate

PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Mike Rounds issued the following statement on the request he received to call a special session of the SD State Senate:

“I have received a letter from Sen. Garry Moore, Minority Leader, Democrat; Sen. Gary Hanson, Asst. Minority Leader, Democrat; Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, Senate President Pro Tempore, Republican; and Sen. Eric Bogue, Majority Leader, Republican, jointly requesting that I call them into a special session of the SD Senate on Monday, Nov. 27, 2006.

I will honor their request and call the SD Senate into special session for the purposes expressed in their letter.”


Anonymous said…
Good for the Governor. This was a bipartisan request. The legislature could have collected the signatures of 2/3 of its membership, but there is no good reason to do so. Even though the Governor has no role to play in the Senate's deliberations, it is a courtesy to call a special session when requested.

I have to wonder: If Sutton is defeated and resigns, can the Governor "uncall" the special session?
Anonymous said…
I forgot to add - someone should fix an over/under on how many bills Frank Kloucek will introduce during the special session. I'd put it at 4 1/2.
Anonymous said…
Gov. Rounds called the session at the request of BOTH PARTIES' leaders - it was procedural, not political.

And if you want know about HB 1180, don't listen to the people who brought you Amendment E - read it yourself!

HB 1180 is "An Act to prohibit certain acts of child abuse and endangerment and to provide penalties therefor." It's PROTECTING CHILDREN!
Anonymous said…

The link did not paste in correctly.
PP said…
Don't worry. Bonnie said a while ago that she wasn't going to read this website anymore. So she's going away.

buck30 said…
Well, here it comes
Anonymous said…
Your selective censoring of posts and authors is pretty obnoxious.
PP said…
I have stringent criteria for those things I decide to delete.

#1 - If it's clearly false or libelous, it's going to be deleted as it's not my intent to slander candidates or institutions. I hope to foster an atmosphere of open exchange and discussion where people can be free to exchange ideas and debate politics.

#2 - If it's from Bonnie Russell, I'll delete it because it's funny to do so. Besides, she said she wasn't going to read this website anymore.
Anonymous said…
My name is anonymous and I'll never read this website again.
PP said…
And Bonnie, we won't miss you a bit.
Anonymous said…
"I have stringent criteria for those things I decide to delete."

The fact is, this just isn't true. You delete things willy-nilly. You delete comments if they're "off-topic." Like this one.

And the way you're treating Bonnie is pretty classless. She's not a bad person just because you disagree with her. Amend E is awful, but that doesn't necessarily make the proponents of it awful.

What you're doing to her, deleting her comments as a matter of routine, makes you look like an ass.
Anonymous said…
The fact that the page was sharing a motel room with Sen. Sutton through an arrangment with his parents, and the fact that Sutton and Dennis Wiese who were collaborators in the beef plant project in Flandreau are, of course, dismissed as irrelevant because such information emphasizes the absence of even the most casual and cursory checking in getting a context for this story. The beef plant project collapsed and Dan Sutton is involved in trying to recover some money--to the tune of $850,000--that people in Flandreau would like to have back. The two men are now adversaries. Of course, that is irrelevant.
david Newquist wrote this on his blog site thought it was interesting!!!!

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