Drudge Report: So, maybe the Macaca thing wasn't the worst candidate mistake in the race

I had a reader point me to this one tonight. My reaction... Oh my god. This guy ran for office after he'd written this kind of stuff?

Catch this Drudge Report story entitled: ALLEN'S REVENGE: EXPOSES UNDERAGE SEX SCENES IN OPPONENT'S NOVELS (adult content warning)

It's bad enough that I'm not quoting any of it here.


Anonymous said…
Hello...Can't believe it was on the net without asking for a credit card number and if you were over 18.
Anonymous said…
"Macaca" means something entirely differnt to Webb.

....it's just too easy....
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Holy Foley!
Anonymous said…
I don't know what to think about this. I was sure Allen would lose after his racist remark, but Webb has completely fumbled that free-ticket to the Senate. And I can't help noticing the timing of this press release.

I don't think either of them deserve to win. Is it too late for a third party victory?
Anonymous said…
Thanks PP- That's valuable political discourse. Who said the religious right doesn't like to delve into kink? What does that have to do with South Dakota politics?
Douglas said…
Somebody wrote a book and tried to run for the Senate? Why the very idea. Just so it wasn't a campaign manual.

Has Lynn Cheney written any steamy sex into books? Some other Republican wrote spy stories with steamy sex scenes.

And then there was the Texas GOP candidate who invested in porn movie production. Don't know if he was promoting "family values" however.

Must be a shortage of real issues. Wasn't there something about being unable to find weapons of mass destruction used as the basis for a war which has wasted a few thousand American lives and perhaps a 100,000 Iraqis?

Must just have been a dream if the real news is about a guy who wrote a book with sex in it.

Gotta keep priorities straight.
Anonymous said…
Doug, your party NEVER runs on the issues. George Allen was the front-runner until he called somebody Macaca. Where's the political issue in that?

Sure beats a guy putting his young son's penis in his mouth.

Which is worse, Doug?

Your turn....

....and Doug once again scrambles to change the subject....
Anonymous said…
So,is Webb a Democrat? He must be by the way the unprincipled are defending him. Sounds like he didn't just write "A" book, but several very sleazy ones? What's a Macaca anyway? Is there a third candidate in the race?
Anonymous said…
I don't think either "issue" is important. One guy writes a steamy novel. The other guy misspeaks. Who cares? If I voted in Virginia I would be concerned about what is going to happen to my taxes and the country's security. Those are the things that matter to me, and they will drive my vote when SD votes for a Senator in 08.
Douglas said…
One of the multitude of courage-deficient anonymous posters seems unable to separate fiction from the real world.

Democrats "never run on issues". That must be one of the most ignorant positions ever posted anywhere.

We would not have social security, medicare, medicaide, REA, RTA, mainstem power generation, civil rights in practice as well as promise, etc.

Tell me all the issues the Republicans run on. Start with efficiency and honesty in government prior to Richard (I am not a crook) Nixon who left the Republican Party holding an empty bag of vacuous irrelevancies.

From then until Newt's contract on America, the Republican Party mainly stood for attacks on waste, fraud, and abuse..unless of course a large corporation instead of a welfare mother or underpaid teacher benefited.

At the same time anonymous claims that Democrats don't campaign on issues, the National GOP has a heritage of attacking guys like Al Gore and George McGovern who actually can think in terms of real issues and real people instead of fictional stereotypes designed to inflame rather than inform.

The emptiness of the Republican party was evident in the Swift Boat attacks on Kerry.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe my kid's web filter allowed me to read this stuff. wow.
Anonymous said…
So, I'm curious, has anybody here READ those books? How about the context? By the way...my understanding is those are things he SAW due to his military service to this country in another war.
I wonder what our young people are SEEING in Iraq.
Anonymous said…
This is very relevent to SD politics--- as I for one of many--- plan to vote for George Allen in 2008.

I think a macaca sense of humor is a great thing---only the left wing press would have made it into anything more than it was--a joke--actually a funny joke.

Dems---grow up and get over it
Anonymous said…
Wonder what our young people are seeing in Iraq?

They're seeing our soldiers protecting innocent people; and murdering innocent people.


Now that government service is all volunteer; the USA is training men and criminals alike. When service was mandatory; the crooks and those with bad character either couldn't Get In the service. . .or, were bounced out when their true character came out.

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