Vote Yes on 6's new TV ad

*note - The size on this one is a bit different because they're using a different service other than "You Tube," where I figured out how to make it fit a little better for various browser sizes.


Anonymous said…
What does this have to do with South Dakota when the state only allowed abortions up to 8 or 9 weeks prior to the passage of HB1215?
Anonymous said…
The ad is misleading. Though not as bad as the one claiming a health exception that does not exist.

So when are you going to post the new ad by SDHF? Its on You Tube
Anonymous said…

Wrong. Everywhere in the United States, abortion is legal until birth (9 months).
See Doe versus Bolton. US Supreme Court.
mom said…
Anon 6:33

You must not have watched closely. Some of those images ARE babies at 10 weeks.

Abortion can only be done at the Planned Parenthood clinic in the early stages.
Anonymous said…
Anon 6:33

What does the baby's age have to do with it? It is a baby at 8 or 9 weeks, just as it is a baby at 20 or 24 or 30 or 40 weeks. It didn't become a baby just prior to it appearing on this ultrasound. Life begins at conception. Vote Yes on referred law #6.
Anonymous said…
1:18 - You need to differentiate between opinion and fact.
Anonymous said…
That is not a baby, it is a chicken. Lets keep killing chickens legal.

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