So what else is Jack Billion stretching the truth on? Send in the clones.

Let's see. First Jack can't decide on what his position on the death penalty is. Then, Billion criticizes Rounds for ducking a debate that he himself declined dates on.

What else is out there to see on Billion's record?

As I was browsing his website tonight to find the "Rounds ducked the debate press release", I noted with particular interest his blog with the Michael J. Fox commercial against the Republican Missouri politician. Which is kind of out of place in a South Dakota website, but Billion uses the opportunity to take a shot at Rounds over stem cell research. Here's what it said:
Mike Rounds banned stem cell research in South Dakota in 2004. Even worse, his ban goes so far as to criminalize receiving benefits from stem cell research. This is yet another example of poor leadership by the Governor. This is the type of research that can save the lives of South Dakotans and our scientists should be allowed to explore its possibilities. We owe it to our suffering citizens who need hope for a cure.
Huh? Where did that happen? Because in 2004 there was one act on stem cell research. But it had less to do with stem cell research and more to do with human cloning:
ENTITLED, An Act to prohibit human cloning.
Section 1. Terms used in this Act mean:
(1) "Human cloning," human asexual reproduction accomplished by introducing the nuclear material of a human somatic cell into a fertilized or unfertilized oocyte whose nucleus has been removed or inactivated to produce a living organism, at any stage of development, with a human or predominantly human genetic constitution;
(2) "Human somatic cell," a diploid cell, having a complete set of chromosomes, obtained or derived from a living or deceased human body at any stage of development;
(3) "Nuclear transplantation," transferring the nucleus of a human somatic cell into an oocyte from which the nucleus or all chromosomes have been or will be removed or rendered inert;
(4) "Nucleus," the cell structure that houses the chromosomes, and thus the genes;
(5) "Oocyte," the female germ cell, the egg.
Section 2. No person or entity, public or private, may:
(1) Perform or attempt to perform human cloning;
(2) Participate in an attempt to perform human cloning;
(3) Transfer or receive the product of human cloning; or
(4) Transfer or receive, in whole or in part, any oocyte, embryo, fetus, or human somatic cell, for the purpose of human cloning.
Any person that knowingly or recklessly violates this section is guilty of a Class 6 felony. Any person or entity that violates this section and derives a pecuniary gain from such violation is subject to a civil penalty of two thousand dollars or twice the amount of gross gain, or any intermediate amount at the discretion of the court.
Section 3. Nothing in this Act restricts areas of scientific research not specifically prohibited by this Act, including research in the use of nuclear transfer or other cloning techniques to produce molecules, deoxyribonucleic acid, cells other than human embryos, tissues, organs, plants, or animals other than humans.
Read that all here. And amazingly enough, the legislation that Billion is complaining about was passed through the entire legislature with only one dissenting vote. Yes, the bill talks about the use of stem cells harvested from embryos in experimentation. But it's about human cloning.

But key in on Billions' words: "This is the type of research that can save the lives of South Dakotans and our scientists should be allowed to explore its possibilities."

Sooooo..... He wants to grow people parts to explore possibilities.

This is despite the fact that basically the entire legislature and most people are for a ban on human cloning, Billion is upset that the ban on human cloning was put into place? Is Billion saying that he's mad at Rounds for banning human cloning for use in medical experimentation?

I know it's been said that Democratic numbers are declining because of low birth numbers at a time when Republican numbers are increasing.. But, somehow I don't think cloning is going to make the difference in time for this election.


Anonymous said…
For a guy in support of open government and honestly, Billion seems to have some problems with telling the truth.

But PP - slow down. If you expose Billion as a desparate liar too fast, people won't read far enough on the page!
Anonymous said…
Billion must be pretty desperate if he is resorting to this kind of stuff. By the way, I used to live in Missouri and I will bet that they will see through this baloney in their state as well.
Anonymous said…
Amazing. This should be a major story in the MSM, but here again, we've got to go to the blogs for the truth. Billion's position on this issue is radical and extreme.
Anonymous said…
Billion's done. No one needs to cover the story because the race is over. OVER.
Anonymous said…
True, Billion won't win the election, but the MJFox issue and ad is real. Wait until one of your relatives suffers from Parkinson's..We are way too extreme with trying to legislate the medical profession and all the good they do.
Anonymous said…
Actually PP you are wrong on this issue - Billion is partially right. South Dakota has banned stem cell research but it happened in 2000. Please check out this article from the National Conference of State Legislatures:

"Approaches to stem cell research policy range from statutes in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey and an Executive Order in Illinois, which encourage embryonic stem cell research, to South Dakota's law, which strictly forbids research on embryos regardless of the source."

You can check out the following statutes: §§ 34-14-16, 17, 20; 34-23A-17.
Anonymous said…
Anon 5:23 - you are wrong. Billion is criticizing Rounds for voting to ban stem cell research. Rounds wasn't a legislator or Governor in 2000.

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