KCCR News covers Governor Rounds' statement on whole paige affair, and a Statement from the investigating state's attorney

Tony Mangan of KCCR news is one of the local guys newsmen covering the Sutton affair, and today on KCCR News/OaheTV.com had statements from Governor Rounds and Tom Maher Jr., the Democratic States Attorney who's office has been in charge of the investigation since it was first reported.

First the States atty:
Stanley County’s states attorney says it is too early to tell if any criminal charges will be filed stemming from an alleged incident involving a state legislator and a male page.

State Democratic Senator Dan Sutton of Flandreau is accused of groping a male page who was supposedly staying with him in a Fort Pierre motel. Sutton has denied any inappropriate contact.

Stanley County State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher says his office and the South Dakota Attorney General’s office is investigating the incident. He says a Division of Criminal Investigation agent is conducting the investigation.

Maher says there is no timetable on how long it will take to finish the investigation. He says the agent is looking into all possible leads and will take as much time as needed.

Maher says his office was notified shortly after the alleged incident supposedly took place during the 2006 legislative session. He says it is not unusual for such an investigation to take so long to be completed.
And the statement from the Governor:
Rounds says lawmakers may want to review such rules now that State Senator Dan Sutton of Flandreau has been accused of inappropriate conduct with a male page in a Fort Pierre hotel. Sutton has denied the allegations and has resisted calls that he resign.

The Governor says such reviews occur after such a situation brings an issue to light -- such as a similar page scandal involving a former U-S Congressman Mark Foley.

Rounds served 10 years in the State Senate and six years as Senate Majority Leader. Rounds says he never had to deal with such an issue as leader, but says during seminars lawmakers were always told what was appropriate conduct when dealing pages and interns.

Rounds says state government – and the Legislature – want to make sure young staffers are fully protected in whatever office they work.
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Anonymous said…
ah yes, a Democratic prosecutor...how nice
Anonymous said…
I just heard this on news this AM
however no mention of Party UNLIKE the Foley case. Had to google it as I suspected he was Democrat. I guess we won't see this plastered
all over the news for weeks to come. Ahh. I wonder why?

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