A contrast in styles Heidepreim versus Kelly on the radio

Poliglut, one of the readers of the website was kind enough to send me copies of two of the dueling commercials in the Heidepreim/Kelly race. Or in this case the Heidepreim/Kelly-Heineman race.

I'm not one for group campaigning, as I think it muddies the water.

But, listen, and decide for yourself who pulls it off better.

Heidepreim Commercial

Dick Kelly/Phyllis Heineman Commercial


Anonymous said…
Not even close. Heidepreim blows Kelly out of the water on this one.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe that a negative message of "let's change horses" is going to be successful when 70+% of South Dakotans agree that this state is on the right track.
Anonymous said…
Even though I want Dick to win, he's losing this battle. I don't believe that saying we should stay status quo sends a very positive message.
Anonymous said…
It's not even a change/status quo race...it's a "you're not working"/"oh, yes I am" race.

Kelly just needs to demonstrate that he's accomplished something because Heidepriem has tied himself so closely to this "let's get back to work" message that he'll look foolish if Kelly has already been working.
Anonymous said…
I think you'll notice by the number of ballot issues that the SD legislature hasn't been doing a lot of work (on BOTH sides of the aisle).
Anonymous said…
I think if you checked the record, you'd find that the SD Legislature acted on nearly all the ballot issues. However, some special interest groups didn't like the outcome, so they forced the issues to go to the ballot.
Anonymous said…
The number of ballot issues does not indicate that the legislature is not working - it is evidence of either:
1 - Something passed by the legislature that has to go before the voters (C, F)
2 - Someone trying to reverse a legislative action (6, 7, 8)
3 - Someone attempting to pass on the ballot what they could not or would not get through the legislature (D, E, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8)
Anonymous said…
I don't like the tandem message, either. And where did they get the announcer? He's obviously trying to sound like John Cameron Swayze from the old Timex ads. Nobody under 60 will remember who he is, not a great tactic for a broad appeal radio spot.

My biggest problem is Dick trying to take credit for Lewis and Clark. The local press and Congressional delegation have L&C in the news constantly. Even the dimest voter knows it's funded on the federal and local level, the State has next to nothing in the deal.

That's a real stretch for him to take credit and opens him up to get hammered by Heidepreim.
Poliglut said…

HUH? 70%? This is total fabrication.

Besides, if you ask the questions ...

... right track?"
... good leadership?"
... right direction?"
... right priorities?"
... getting the right things done?"

...you will get WILDLY different responses. Instrument error (survey wording) including subjective interpretations of the language and social desirability bias make this a TERRIBLE question to gauge or predict a race that is lower on the ballot.

Bordering on meaningless.

Ultimately, when you factor in down-ballot roll-off and a relative disconnect between voters and state candidates, voters will cast their ballot for the candidate that has captured the strongest position within their mind.

Stuff the poll. Focus on the race and the candidates.
Anonymous said…
"contrast in styles" = a how-to and a how-not-to.

Kelly isn't giving himself a chance. Heidepreim is campaigning hard and Kelly is doing what? Must be too busy working on Lewis & Clark...
Anonymous said…
Why is an incombant attacking? Kelly/Heineman even TALKING about Heideprim slogan shows they're scared! That is Ttwo times an attack by Kelly on Hiedeprim. The first was in a letter where he talked about H person, not issue.
Anonymous said…
Kelly isn't really working too hard. I think he's going to rely on Bockorney, et al to try to carve up Scott at the end.

This Kelly/Heineman ad is really bad though....I guess he's banking on people thinking the Legislature did a good job.

Kind of risky.

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