South Dakota Gun Owners hates Dale Hargens.
But then again, if you have no credibility, does it really matter?

The South Dakota Gun Owners seem to have singled out Democratic Representative Dale Hargens as the subject of it's ire in an article on it's website titled: The Double-Cross - State Rep. Dale Hargens betrays gun owners.

But then again, if you have no credibility, does your criticism matter?
Democrat Dale Hargens will tell you he’s pro-gun.

In fact, he has made multiple campaign promises to support your gun rights.

But his voting record tells a very different story.

In 2002, state Rep. Hargens (D-Beadle, Hand and Jerauld Counties) responded to South Dakota Gun Owners’ candidate survey. SDGO sends out a no-nonsense questionnaire before the elections. Each candidate is asked to give yes-or-no answers to specific gun rights questions and then to sign the questionnaire.

In his survey, Rep. Hargens promised gun owners that he would oppose new concealed pistol permit restrictions, the Lautenberg gun ban and several other anti-gun measures. He also pledged his support for the Right to Self-defense and promised to introduce a Vermont-style Right to Carry bill.

Since then he has betrayed gun owners and broken every single one of these campaign promises.


According to a recent article in the Huron Plainsman, Rep. Hargens believes that “candidates for the state Legislature should be held accountable for campaign promises that don’t always match their voting records.”

“We need to dig in and show what they have stood for in the past,” said Hargens.

Of course, as the ranking House Democrat, Hargens was speaking of his Republican opponents. But a growing number of gun owners believe that it’s time to apply this advice to Hargens himself.
Read it all here. I'd leave it to his constituents to determine this one. Because, when the criticism is coming from an organization that has allegedly threatened lawmakers, and used other questionable tactics, it tends to severly blunt the impact of such criticism. The fact that the NRA has distanced themselves from these characters should give you a hint.


Scimitar said…
The NRA gives Dale Hargens an A- rating and endorses him for re-election.

PP, Let's set up a cage match between Hoss Hargens and the Lautenschlagers. I'll split the pay per view with you.

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