A few newspaper ads from a few of the big races

I started chuckling when I saw this one.

Tom, they do have surgery to help remove unwanted growths. You might get it checked before it turns cancerous on your party.
(click on any of the images to enlarge)

This ad from Brian Johnson is issue oriented and in a bulleted form points out a few things that his opponent isn't - pro-life, and standing for family values. Along with that, it takes a shot at Hundstad's record on tax measures (which I can assume means the intangible income tax and Amendment D).

Hundstad moved away from the utter "dorkiness" of riding a sedgeway into this ad which has his name and refers to his office (and not much more). Less dorky, but it still doesn't "pop" on the page.

I like this ad from Isaac Latterell with it's bulleted points and repetition of his name. The only thing I would change is the background in the photo - that's the downside of doing your setup in color. It's hard to see how it will turn out when it's printed.

I've fallen victim to it myself a few years back, and I learned my lesson. As you can see with this black and white Larry Long ad, the newspaper people aren't necessarily going to fix it for you.
I saw it this way in 2 papers, and in all the rest, they corrected for it or left out the background entirely. I'm sure this is a super-sharp ad in full color, but any black text on a red background will end up black-on-black when it goes to newsprint.

Stay tuned! More to come.


Anonymous said…
I don't know what it is that Isaac Latterell is going down on, but it looks sick,sick,sick!
Anonymous said…
Hundstad is for family values. He lives family values. Jim has a very strong family.
Anonymous said…
PP, you like the Latterell ad but didn't like the Turbak add? They both had the head-tilt, glamour shot look to them which you took Turbak to task with so Latterell must obviously be the conservative candidate.
Anonymous said…
what is Issac getting ready to do with his thumb? whatever he has in mind, he looks pretty excited about it.
oldguy said…
Oh so it is a thumb I was thinking....never mind as that what happens when you get old.
Anonymous said…
I can't decide if Latrell's photo is his senior picture or congressional page pic. Either way, can't wait for this handsome young gentleman to make his way to pierre.

Mark Foley
Anonymous said…
The thumb...oh, the thumb. It's a thumb?


-ps, if this was a Brock shot we would think it likely to be some sausage product.
Anonymous said…
The Stan and Tom ad should deliver at least a 100 more votes to Ellie S. What a pair of sicko loosers
Anonymous said…
The Stan and Tom ad lokks like a "No on C" ad! I do like the Isaac ad , but the head is too tilted.
Anonymous said…
Where is stan's other hand?? Why are they both smiling?

[Stan adelstien barely moving his lips and making strange voice] "Hi, I'm Tom Katus. I'd love it if you'd meet me and my master--er, stan--for coffee at marcdonilds!"
Anonymous said…
You guys! You made me laugh out loud, and I almost woke people up!
It's nice to know that conservatives can be funny though. Or was the humor coming from the liberals?
Anonymous said…
Is that a SD flag in Hundstad's ad? When was the last time SD hosted a Midwest Legislative Conference meeting?

I'm not saying it hasn't happened, but I'm also not saying he isn't playing with his photo editor again.

Regardless, why would they ever give him the microphone?
Anonymous said…
Does anybody really think Satan and Tom want to hear what other people think? It should say "Come to McDonald's and we'll tell you a thing or two."
Anonymous said…
Hundstad must've photo-shopped out his little beanie with the propeller on top.

He's a card, but then again, how many games actually include the joker?
Anonymous said…
When the election's over, latterell will have all the time in the world to do whatever he wants to with his thumb
Anonymous said…
I really think Isaac should hire a new photographer, that's a poor shot to put in a campaign ad. And yes, we conservatives have good senses of humor!
Anonymous said…
Not bad for a senior picture though.
Anonymous said…
I attended the debate in Aberdeen on Saturday. Wow! Johnson destroyed Hundstad and even had Hundstad alleging there was a conspiracy in deciding who would answer first.

Then, Laterell and Hoerth took the stage. Double wow! Laterell showed that he is more than prepared to serve the people of this area. He is undoubtedly the more thoughtful and intelligent of the two.

I was most impressed at the ability of both of these fine young men. They are wise beyond their years.
Anonymous said…
The Adelstein/Katus coffee was Saturday. Did anyone go who can report on what was said?

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