Light posting as we begin our weekend...

Ahhh... the weekend arrives and so does my travel time to Brookings after the work day is done.

Not too much on the horizon, although there are a few stories I'm working on. I think I've got some more information pinned down on the candidate information that's disappearing from the Rapid City Journal website.

Plus I've got a copy of Scott Heidepreim's fundraising letter which I'll review for your edification. (at least he didn't address it to "Fellow Female Voter." Talk about the most impersonal greeting line ever designed.)

I'm hearing rumblings out there about a hilarious story of campaign mischief, but the story is only at chapter one, so I have to let it percolate. This one will go statewide.

I've even heard rumblings of a story that could go even bigger, but I've been hearing the same stuff on the same story for months. Hasn't happened yet.

Oh - and I got a sneak preview of Isaac Latterell's new website last night. Tres' cool with flash animation and video. He said I can't show it to you until it's finished, but it's one of the neatest ones yet.

Lots of stuff coming - stay tuned!


johnnie w. said…
PP, Did you happen to notice that the Yankton newspaper endorsed the Medical Marijuana ballot initiative on Wednesday?

Just thought you'd like to know.

Happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
Yip yip yip yip yahoo, Eddie. Go smoke a bowl with your buddies from the Yankton Rag.
Anonymous said…
Why does somebody always have to hijack every thread with the marijuana thing? Get a life!
And I am beginning to wonder if there really is an RCJ expose coming up. Been talking about that for weeks!
johnnie w. said…
Smoke a bowl with your buddies from the Yankton Rag . . . hijack every thread with the marijuana thing . . .

Wow! I wouldn't put my name to that ignorance either.

Be Anonymous, Cowards.
Anonymous said…
What's your full name, Eddie? You, too, hide behind the anonymous veil. C'mon, if you're so proud of your extracurricular activities....

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