Vote Yes on 6 TV Commercial

From the You Tube website for Yes on 6


Anonymous said…
I wonder what Leslee and the gang will do to ensure that women have access to the morning after pill if this thing passes.

Nothing, probably.
Anonymous said…
They will outlaw plan B next legislative session if they have their way. They will do this along with banning sex ed and if they think they can get away with it they will try to ban contraception all together because they think its immoral.

They did everything they could to restrict access to Plan B this last legislative session.

Their commercial is a massive distortion. Why can they just lay it on the line. The ban has no exceptions but does not itself outlaw any form of contraception. That's for next year.
Anonymous said…
The post a few days showed just ridiculous this ad really is when they mocked....

A 13 year old incest victim would break open her piggy bank, drive her bike down to Walgreen’s and buy some morning after pills.

I am pro life, but don't insult our intelligence.

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