"Vote No on Seven" ads

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These ads have been appearing in the newspapers since this past weekend, and I'm sure we'll keep seeing them from here on out. I like the first two, but the third one, eh....

"Why refuse revenue from people who want to pay it?" Well, in my family's case an employee paid over $150,000 of revenue into the system without permission. So, I'll guarantee you this ad leaves me more than a little cold (and I already voted no).


Nicholas Nemec said…
The "Who are the opponents" ad bothers me. It insinuates that the opponents of video lottery are some evil shadow group trying to destroy our government.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Lee is right? The guys in white hoods are the opponents. Or did Lee really mean the guys wearing the cross not burning it.
Anonymous said…
I think the opponents ad is confusing - it starts with opponents of IM 7 then asks about the opponents of video lottery. I'm not sure that if the point of the ad is to say IM 7 supporters are secretive, telling me who is against IM 7 accomplishes that.
Anonymous said…
I guess I am not too bright but what did you mean when you said in the original post, "Well, in my family's case an employee paid over $150,000 of revenue into the system without permission." I'm just curious because I don't understand it. By the way,I am going to vote against repeal. Too bad if video lottery victimizes people -- it's their choice. I just don't want the politicians to use its repeal as an excuse to think up more ideas for taxes.
PP said…
It meant that one of my family's businesses had an employee embezzle over 150k and shove it into video lottery machines.

In other words, it wasn't a voluntary tax on our part.

I'm not blaming the machines, it was the decision of the thief who stole it.

(And I'm proud to say that it was my meticulous review of records which helped with a slam dunk prosecution.)
Anonymous said…
Ellie Schwiesow wants your taxes to go up. She's pushing video lottery repeal.

Go to ellie's website and ask her in an e-mail what taxes she wants to raise to make up the $112 million/year.

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