Projects ahead....

As I contemplate the direction my website is moving in, where I am, and where I want to be; I find myself strongly wanting to press forward with projects that I have a strong interest in. I don't envision anything being a full time gig for quite some time to come (if ever), but on the other hand, you start every journey with a single step forward.

At this point, instead of doing 5 or 6 articles in the evening, I'm going to reduce the number of articles in the interest of budgeting my time. In it's place, I hope to spend some of that time compiling the nuggets of campaign information I've posted on this website since February of 2005, so I've got everything in one handy place.

Heck, if my idea comes to fruition, I may even happily post it here and make it available for everyone.

But first, I've got to slog through a lot of articles, organize them, and probably rewrite everything as I incorporate them into "my idea." There's no way I'll have my "e-book" ready for this election...

However, the municipal election cycle does start in the spring.


PoliGlut said…
Unfortunately for you, Pat, a BLOG'S public interest and popularity is directly proportional to the time and effort invested by the host.

Keep it up. Although you're slanted a bit conservative (we GOTS to move on in Dakotie) the forum is appreciated.

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