MIssed this Billion Story: Billion campaign optimistic, despite being down by 18 points

Tom Lawrence at the Rapid City Weekly News filed this story on the 6th of October talking about how Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Jack Billion thinks he can capture 80% of the undecideds in the race:
Jack Billion readily admits he’s behind in both the polls and in campaign dollars raised.

Billion, the Democratic candidate for governor, said Thursday he trailed Gov. Mike Rounds by 18 points in a poll conducted for his campaign in mid-September. He said the poll showed Rounds with 46.8% support while he was below 30%.

Despite that gap this late in the campaign, Billion said he remained optimistic. “We were pleased with them,” he said of the poll numbers.

Billion said as a sitting governor, the fact that Rounds was below 50% was good news for his campaign. It showed that Rounds hadn’t gained the support of many South Dakotans, he said.

For him to win, Billion said, he would need to capture 80% of the undecided vote. Can he do that, he was asked? “You bet,” Billion replied.
Jack says he can capture 80% of the undecideds? Read it all here as Jack also claims he can rope a tornado, cut down the forest with one whack of his ax (accompanied by Babe, his great blue ox), and outdrill a steam engine through Big Bend mountain.

Well, they're all tall tales aren't they?


Anonymous said…
PP - I guess you need to explain to me why it is a "tall tale" for Billion to capture 80% of the undecided vote when that is not far off of the normal amount of undecideds that vote for the challenger?
PP said…
Care to point to an example?

It's always been my experience that they fall out in numbers generally similar to the un-decideds.

Of course, it's all moot without the benefit of tracking.
Anonymous said…
sdmoderate said…
PP - What's he supposed to say?

For someone trying to make a decent run at the office what's he going to do, come out and say it's a lost cause?

I am sure if you asked Bruce Whalen the same question he would give a similar answer and he just as far behind if not farther.
Anonymous said…
Whalen will get less votes than Billion. He will get less votes perhaps than this Willis character.
Anonymous said…
I think Jack must only be counting voters who are "strongly" for Rounds or Billion, and not those that are "leaning." That is deceptive, because those are typically included in polling numbers. It is very unlikely that there are 30% undecided at this late point.
Anonymous said…
But it is true, both for Billion and Whalen, that they will claim they have a chance to win no matter what. But don't lose sight of the important truth - Even according to his own numbers, Billion is losing by 18%. That is a lot of ground to make up in four weeks.
Anonymous said…
I think Billion has been hanging around the lagalize marijuana crowd. Bruce Whalen will get more votes than Billion, heh Liberal 2nd place is still second place.

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