Sorry for the light posting this weekend. I've been down with a miserable cold.

I note my readership has dipped a little this weekend, most certainly because the lack of new content. Sorry about that.

I'm just getting out of bed, as I've been miserably sick with a chest cold. I had to skip a wedding I wanted to go to, and I kept falling asleep last night because I felt so miserable.

I've got a few things I'm working on, so I should have some more content over the next day or so before I drive back to Pierre, not the least of which is the Argus Leader reaching the summit of it's two year campaign of against the Governor with it's endorsement of Billion.

Stay tuned.


nonnie said…
Was anyone surprised that the Argus endorsed Billion? No, not after the long war it's waged with Rounds on multiple fronts. But...I don't think a newspaper should endorse any candidate. They should report the issues for both sides or both candidates and let the voters decide. After all, we aren't really that stupid that we can't think for ourselves. (In most cases anyway!)

And BTW don't forget who the Argus endorsed at the last election -- Daschle (lost) and Abbott (lost). Maybe the Argus isn't the influential instrument they think they are, or maybe we are beginning to see past them and make up our own minds.
Anonymous said…
Rounds' problems with the Argus are his own doing
Anonymous said…
Nonnie, Most, if not all, large newspapers endorse specific candidates. They do that in their editorial or opinion section. The story endorsing Billion was on an opinion page - note the heading at the top of the front page that says VOICES.
When reporters write a news story, their report should be objective and unbiased. With opinions and editorials, they can express their opinions and show their preferences.
It has always been that way.
nonnie said…
I don't care if an endorsement is on the first page or the opinion page, it's an endorsement by the entire paper, period. People reading the paper see the endorsement, and it influences people, otherwise the paper wouldn't do it anyway.

If the writer of the opinion page in this case wanted to endorse Rounds, or last election Thune, do you really think that would have happened? No. It is the PAPER itself who is doing the endorsing, even it done in the comics section!

And it shouldn't be done in any case. A newspaper is supposed to be reporting the news if it claims to be unbiased. Not trying to influence opinion one way or the other. Just because it has always been done doesn't make it right. Otherwise we would still have sweat shops, slavery, etc etc etc
Anonymous said…
Grammar check pp - the possessive form of "its" does not contain an apostrophe.
Brock said…
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