Grumpier Old Man: Former GOP Chair Dwight Adams trashes John Thune because he's on the opposite end of an issue

You could have picked my jaw up off of the floor when I read this story by Kate Turnbow of the Pierre Capitol Journal this past Friday. In this story, former State Republican Party Chairman Dwight Adams did a total hatchet job on Republican U.S. Senator John Thune because Thune supports the DM&E Rail expansion and Dwight opposes it because the rail line runs near his house.

In the article titled "outrage over forum abounds" Dwight went out of his way to take a partisan swipe at John Thune who had served as Executive Director for the South Dakota Republican Party during his time as chairman.

I would point out that "Executive Director" is a much different connotation than "Executive Assistant." And Dwight is taking credit for Thune having sought public office? I'd have to wait for John to weigh in on that.

But, regardless of the personal relationship they once shared, now they're on the opposite side of an issue, Dwight's opinion of John "has now changed?" This is just sad on Dwight's part.

I worked under them both for one election cycle, and John was a confidant to Dwight. They worked very closely on GOP matters. And to see Dwight make this so personal is really pathetic.

I'd point out that this is an all too similar pattern to how Dwight conducted himself when Walter Dale Miller ran for Governor and found himself on the opposite side of the political fence with Dwight who had sided with Bill Janklow in the primary.

I don't have any internet linked articles to illustrate my points, but suffice it to say that some of the debate between the two became kind of nasty and "personal." It wasn't just on Dwight's part, but with this latest incident, it starts to make one wonder.

The key here, is that certainly on an issue of this magnitude, debate is not only expected, it's argueably mandatory. This is a major upgrade in our rail system and it's going to impact a lot of people. Some will be impacted positively, and some who live along the tracks like Adams, St. Mary's Hospital in Pierre, and others are going to be impacted negatively.

But to frame the debate in terms of implying character flaws? That seems beneath someone who led the state GOP and who once people looked up to.

Because now, the same people who looked up to him can now watch him as he swims in the gutter.


Anonymous said…
Adams is a selfish old fart, and the type of "country-club republican" that gives the GOP a bad name. With him it's all politics and no principles.
Anonymous said…
I don’t think Adams was taking a swipe at Thune because of the position Thune took. It looked like what upset Adams was Thune not being honest about it. These are 2 very different things.
Anonymous said…
PP, didn't you just say in the Kephart post that if you're not happy with those controlling your party, you should step up your efforts toward change? Now you knock Adams for doing just what you advise. So what is it? Be a good little soldier or stand up for what you believe?
PP said…
No, I'm saying Dwight made it personal when it's simply a difference in opinion which should be deabted.
Anonymous said…
Dwight has become a nut job..."Grumpy Old Man" says it all about the, ahem, "colonel"
Anonymous said…
Thune showed his true character all the way back in 1996 when he accused his opponent in the general election of having ties to organized crime.

The charge of course was untrue, but an out-of-state interest paid for it, etc. etc.

Now John has flip-flopped on the abortion bill as well as he sees the sea of change that has occured on that issue.

This state is slowing wake up to the fact that real family values are education and health care, not God, guns and gays.

Maybe John will be an Independent by '08 and a fully registered Democrat by 2010.
Anonymous said…
Good job PP. This is just another example of has beens not getting their way, nothing more. Too bad Dwight showed his true character.
Anonymous said…
Take it from someone who knows, Dwight has little respect for Thune right now because Thune lied to him about the issue, which I think was probably so offensive because of the great relationship they previously had. And Dwight never said he got Thune into office, just that he encouraged him to run. Granted, Thune was thinking about running already, Dwight just said that he gave him encouragement to do so. I would be hurt if a friend lied to me about an issue as well. Sure the issue is a difference of opinion, but the outrage on Dwight's part came more because of Thune's lying.

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