Lawyers for Billion Event.

A campaign organized group "Lawyers for Billion" are having a fundraiser for their man, Jack Billion.

You'd think that list would be longer, wouldn't you?


Anonymous said…
I might be wrong, but I think those are just the ones co-hosting the event.
Anonymous said…
I thought Maryann Giebink already hit up all the attorneys for their money for her campaign?
Anonymous said…
well at least now I know all the attorneys I'll never hire.
Anonymous said…
After a sucide bomber rocked Tel Aviv killing at least 9 people on April 14, 2006 the reaction from a former Democratic Senator is unbelievable! Gateway Pundit related that Former Democratic Senator James George Abourezk speaks of “Freedom Fighters” and the “Evils of Zionism”!
The Former Democratic Senator says… “There is nothing left for them (Palestinians) to do except to commit acts of terrorism.”

He says this even after Hamas was elected into office, an organization which American refuses to deal with and is on their terrorist list. These people kill innocent people yet this guy backs them up?!

I wonder if he feels the same way about the terrorists who blew up the Trade Center? I mean they werent getting anywhere with our state department so did they have to resort to terrorism too?

This is the problem with some of the Democrats in this country, they decide to take the side of terrorists rather then the groups who can actually help prevent more terror attacks. If they continue on this course when a Democrat is elected president again it will only lead to the possible impending doom of our country.

Lets try and stand up for the people who agree with our policies of peace and individual freedoms and stop standing up for people who kill innocents.

Jack Billion is being supported by a guy who supports Palestinian Terrorists. Abourezk doesn't know the difference between real terrorists and those who suffer at the hands of evil doers.

We should all call on Jack Billion to renounce Abourezk and de-invite him. Because currently Billion is being supported by a guy who supports Palistinean Terrorists.
Anonymous said…
"that's why the voters canned him."

Annon 9:50 is an idiot. Abourezk never lost an election in SD.
Anonymous said…
9:37 you must be a Democrat. You talk about policies of peace and individual freedom. Obviously not talking about our GOP run country today.

If you haven't noticed, we're at war, and Bush has declared war on individual freedom - declaring that the executive branch can spy on anyone it wants, whenever it wants, without any oversight by the court system (e-mails, phone records, internet records) and can imprison anyone it wants - even American citizens without trial and without court oversight.

9:50, you can't dispute Abourezk's statement that Israel has grabbed land. In 1948 when Israel was formed, Arabs were chased out of their homes under threat of death, and never allowed to return - which is why they continue living in refugee camps today. Israel attacked Syria and Egypt in 1967 and seized the West Bank, Golan heights and Gaza Strip among other areas. This is also when Israel viciously attacked an American warship the USS Liberty and attempted to sink it.

There are many who believe that Israel could live in peace and security if it reverts to its pre-1967 border (before the land grab) and does justice to the Palestinians by allowing them their own autonomous state. This is the stated policy of the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations. Not just something Jim Abourezk made up.

There is an adage, you can't have peace without justice.
Anonymous said…
10:08 Abourezk did lose an election in SD. He lost his first election for attorney general in 1968. Two years later he was elected to congress in the first district representing the west part of the state. Two years after that he was elected to the Senate. He retired from the senate and never ran for office again.
Anonymous said…
I believe that should say "rabid" anti-semite, he's not real fast any more.
PP said…
9:50 - that's pretty out of line and borders on being libelous.

Please refrain from comments such as jew-hater and anti-semite.
Anonymous said…
It says underneath the list of lawyers "invite you...." That's a good indication that those people are the ones who are hosting the event and not the only lawyers who support Billion.

After all, there has to be more smart attorneys than that in our state!
brandon turnbow said…
Hey there anon 10:20, we are at war, but it is not against the Bush administration. Maybe you should do some research before you open your mouth. Bush does not spy on the American people, unless they are calling, or e-mailing someone who is outside this country who just so happens to be on some terrorist watch list. So I guess if you don’t want the government to listen to your phone calls or read your e-mails, then maybe you should stop talking to terrorists.

Besides do you really think that the American left would let the Bush administration arrest anyone without having a dang good reason? I mean really, they won’t even let the Republican Party get away with endorsing a gay congressman. Wait, you mean the American left is gay bashing?

Anyway, back to my point, the Bush administration’s NSA program is nothing like what the Clinton administration did with their spy program that scanned every e-mail, fax, and phone call. Actually, if you really did your research you would find that Woodrow Wilson rounded up people and had them arrested just for speaking out against the war. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that Bush really isn’t all that bad.

Also, I would like to respond to your response to 9:50. Israel may have taken over “Palestine” in 1948 and forced people out of there homes, but again if you would just do some homework before you speak, then I wouldn’t have to make you look like an idiot. Just go online for me and google Solomon’s Temple. You will find that Solomon’s Temple was once located in Jerusalem, where you will now find the Dome of the Rock. What I’m trying to say is, Israel was there first, and it was actually the Arabs who carried off the Israelis.

There may be people who believe that Israel could live in peace and security if it reverted to its pre-1967 border, but they are stupid people. I don’t know why people think that you can appease these terrorists like Hamas, or Hezbalah. If you could just think back to one year ago, Israel vacated the Gaza Strip, however that did not stop Hamas, or Hezbalah this past summer in their offensive against Israel.

Example: France, the French think that as long as they give the terrorist what they want then they will be left alone. However, I remember some riots going on in Paris a while back. The French don’t realize that these terrorists just want to destroy anyone and everyone who is not Muslim, or even those who are not Muslim enough. What is going to end up happening is France will end up being over run again and then they will expect us to liberate them again. If it weren’t for our American sons who died to save their buts twice, they would be speaking German.

Finally, I will agree with you that you can’t have peace without justice. So as long as Israel listens to the rest of the world and gives into the Palestinians demands there will be no peace or justice. Israel needs to fight off these terrorists, getting rid of them all and do the rest of the world a favor.
Anonymous said…
Brandon, or whatever your name is, You are at the point where you believe you know everything.

With luck, you will someday come to realize how much knowledge is out there that you don't currently possess.
brandon turnbow said…
Enlighten me anon 12:00. That is Brandon Turnbow, and I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name. Is that because you are afraid of letting people know what you believe? I would say that I don’t “believe I know everything;” I just speak with facts to backup what I am saying. I don’t just rant because I have a bug lodged between my cheeks. To be honest with you I really just like a good debate.

So, since I “believe I know everything,” tell me what I said that was incorrect. Cite your sources, and maybe you can change my mind. But don’t think for one second that your ignorance will cause people to agree with you or even like you.

So, again I say enlighten me. So that I may “come to realize how much knowledge is out there that I don't currently possess.” Let me have it. Unless of course you again just made that comment because you really are ignorant, and you really can’t dispute what I said.
Anonymous said…
According to your logic, Brandon, when the Native American family comes and drags you out of your home and moves in, you will not protest because the Native Americans owned the land first and it is their right to reclaim your home even though your home wasn't there when the Native Americans possessed the land.

You will not fight back because to do so would make you a terrorist. You will just go quietly to your refugee camp.

Brandon, you say you like a good debate. But so far you have accused me of not doing my research. You have called me ignorant (twice) and stupid. Do you want a debate or just a name-calling match? You won't find the answer to that question on google.
Anonymous said…

what would you call somebody who wants to see jewish people blown up? It's not out of line to call someone a jew hater if they want to see them blown up. Abourezk acknowledges that, “There is nothing left for them (Palestinians) to do except to commit acts of terrorism.”

What if I said "there is nothing left to do but blow somebody up because I am frustrated with them." That would generally mean I hate them. Wanting to blow people up is to hate certainly is not to love them.

It's not libel if you are making a good faith argument based on an interpretation of someone's comments.
Anonymous said…
Interesting thread:

Read the South Dakota Supreme Court case of Janklow v. Viking Press. Janklow sued the publishing company because a book was written which claimed that Janklow raped a woman. This claim was based on reports from the reservation where it allegedly took place.

If Janklow can't get a court to agree with him when he's called a rapist Abourezk certainly wouldn't be able to get a court to agree with him based on his own statements that can be construed in the way which the opposing writer wrote them.

We don't even have to get to the merits of Abourezks statements to dismiss this thing.

Besides Abourezk has made many statements as a public official that fall in line with what the writer above reported.

Also interesting is that this forum is dedicated to political speech. Which is given high deference by the courts, and speech is not immune from the grasp of libel it certainly is given wide lattitude.

Libel, hardly...inflamatory certainly...true...well, it's been reported you decide.
brandon turnbow said…
Hello again anon 9:09. You automatically assume that I am not a Native American. You make a good point about the Native Americans, however you forget that it was you that originally said that Israel should give up their land to the Arabs since the Israelis chased the Arabs “out of their homes under threat of death, and never allowed to return.” I simply followed your logic. So do you think that we should leave our homes and give the land back to the Native American people? After all, the white man did way more drastic and terrible things to the Native American people than the Israelis ever did to the Arabs.

In the real world, land changes hands over and over and over again. The fact is Israel currently lives in Israel. The Arabs don’t. If the Arabs want their land back then maybe they should form a military, and not attack innocent civilians. Me fighting to get my home back from the Native American people would not make me a terrorist unless I use terror as a tactic to get it back. Go ahead and google “terrorist” for me so that I don’t have to define it for you. You will find the answer to that on google. There are many other ways to get your land back other than terrorism.

Finally, I would not have accused you of not doing your research if you would have: i.e. definition of terrorism. If you had looked up the meaning of it before logging onto the internet, then you would have known that working with the Native American people to get my home back does not make me a terrorist.

I would not have called you ignorant, if you had done your homework and not been ignorant about the facts. When I say you are ignorant, I’m not actually calling-names. I am merely stating that you are uninformed, which ironically you would know that if you would “do some research before you open your mouth.” I am sorry if this has hurt your feelings, but sometimes the truth hurts. Back when I had a drinking problem, my family told me I had a problem, it hurt my feelings, but it was the truth. It was a truth that I needed someone to point out to me.

I did not directly call you stupid, you actually volunteered for that title. I believe that I said, “There may be people who believe that Israel could live in peace and security if it reverted to its pre-1967 border, but they are stupid people.” You never stated that you were one of those people, until just now.

So you see I never actually called you any names. And yes, I do Like a good debate, and I am enjoying this one thoroughly.
Anonymous said…
Which brings us back, Brandon, to the 12:00 am comment.
brandon turnbow said…
I would agree with you that there is knowledge available that I do not have, but it seems that you do not have that knowledge either. So I guess that would put you in a position to tell me that I know everything. If there is some knowledge that you have that you believe I do not, then I would like you to share it with me. I’m listening.
oldguy said…
So is Susan Heidepriem a Dem or Arep. I remeber a ad where she said as a life long Rep I am voting for Tom. Now she is co hosting a event for Billion. Their is nothing wrong with being a Dem so why not just say it?
Anonymous said…
Like many other moderates, Susan Heidepriem has now left the Republican Party.

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