Before I get back to work, here's a good one:

Check out this great story on Yahoo News from the Associated Press about businesses getting 9/11 disaster recovery loans that... Well, some are saying that they may have been a bit removed from the situation, and not quite so affected as others.

A South Dakota Radio Station was highlighted as one of the loans that the media is seriously calling into question. From the AP Article:
Karl Grimmelmann, general manager of KBFS-AM "Hit Kickin' Country" in Belle Fourche, S.D., borrowed $135,000 from SBA's disaster program after learning about it from a news release. He said his station was forced to pay more money to cover national news and also lost advertisers. "Everybody started holding onto their money, plain and simple," he said.


Anonymous said…
There was a similar article in the Argus last week. They had the Brookings bowling alley getting like 1.17 million due to lost business from Sept 11. I will agree. When you have a business that looks like a war zone and smells like burning trash, and that would fit the bowling alley to a T, I didn't step foot in there for fear of some sort of terrible 9-11 flashback.

Biggest loan in the state. The entire bowling industry nationwide is still reeling from the Sept 11. People just quit bowling. They started playing Texas Hold 'em instead, and that killed bowling.

We need to protect our domestic bowling industry if we're to remain strong as a nation, and I'm glad that some patriots in Brookings recognize this and all the other 1.16 million other reasons.

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