Is it time for a Republican Press Gang?

From - Press Gang - Method used to recruit soldiers and sailors into the British armed forces in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

I had a conversation with a couple of good Republicans shortly after lunch, and it really got me thinking. At this point, you can add me to the list of Republicans who are starting to wonder “Are we going to run someone against Herseth?”

This is the same lament that Democrats have for…. well, the same lament that they have for almost all other partisan offices aside from School and Lands. But the difference here is that the GOP is supposedly large and in charge in South Dakota. We have lots of candidates for other offices. We have lots of activists – good ones in fact. Won’t anyone take on the challenge?

I’d advocate for a GOP recruitment group of sorts to go out and find our best challenger. I think the time for taking a laissez faire approach to recruiting of this nature has passed. As a party, we can’t afford to sit around and hope that someone will eventually come forward. That’s been going on for the last three or four months. It’s time for the hard sell.

If I was going to organize this, I’d say this recruitment team needs to be made up of some of the highest level officials in the party, bringing in the state party chair, state party staff, a representative from the National Republican Congressional Committee, and some of the top Republican elected officials.

This group should know exactly how much money and assistance they have to promise, and have a priority list of who they want to recruit. They need to be ready for the hard sell, and they need to be ready to have this person hit the ground running.

Running for Congress should not be a painful thing to consider. We had a ton of people who were considering it when the seat was open. But that same interest in the race isn’t happening now – so it’s time for the party to make it happen.


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