South Dakota War College Video Blog Post #1
A few minutes with PUC Commissioner Dusty Johnson

Not just a sneak peek promo anymore, SDWC-VB #1 is an interview with our newest Public Utilities Commissioner, Dusty Johnson. You'll hear his views on up-and-comers in politics, who he thinks might be running for Governor in 2010, his influences, the GOP big tent, bloggers and more.

Click on Dusty's picture for the interview (Reduce the window size for better clarity). I'll warn you right now that it's a 16 megabyte file.

You even get to see me live in the flesh.


Anonymous said…
Dusty seems like a smart, articulate young man. He also seems like a partisan hack who would stab you in the back if he thought it would get him 25 more votes when he runs for governor.
Anonymous said…
I know Dusty a bit, and have never heard anyone, anywhere say that he is anything but a nice guy. No backstabbing stories at all. I think your spidey sense is off on this one.

Why is it that we always assume everyone interested in public service is secretly a bozo waiting to seize power and punish their enemies? You know, nice people do get involved from time to time. By all accounts, Dusty is one of those people.

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