Now that's kind of interesting..

Check out KELO :
The old governor's mansion in Pierre will be getting a new home. A committee that was given the chore of donating the mansion for a public use has decided to give the building to a Pierre couple for use as a museum.

The old mansion will be located next to the municipal golf course and adjacent to a restaurant that the couple plan to open next spring on the eastern edge of the capital city.

Pending final details of the transfer, the mansion's new owners will be Dwane Clodfelter and his wife Patti de Hueck Clodfelter; de Hueck is a former state legislator.
Read the whole article here. So, a former legislator has bought the old Governor's Mansion. I understand it's to be placed behind the old Elks Club in Pierre, which has sat vacant for years. (and I mean YEARS). It could be a nice little boost to the eastern outskirts of town.


Douglas said…
Sure hope Clodfelters fill the "museum" with stuff about Tom Berry and Franklin Roosevelt saving SD from the Hoover Depression.

Rounds got rid of the WPA mansion, next will be all the rural bridges and other stuff which will be chisled to become memorials to Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.

All part of a war on terror jobs program for South Dakota.

Incidentally, more seriously.. did anybody else happen to see the rather spectacular photos of the RR bridge burning? That ought to give some real terrorists an idea or two.

Maybe the bridges could be sprayed with asbestos. Backward for progress.

I really do need another cup of coffee this morning.

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