Add Greg Ammon to your list of candidates.

The Secretary of State is reporting that Greg Ammon of Dell Rapids has filed petitions to run as a Republican in District 25, giving Republicans their second candidate for the House seats currently held by Republican Tim Rave (who has also filed) and Democrat Mike Kroeger.

I'm not familiar with him myself, but from a quick lookup on Yahoo, it looks like Greg is a Real Estate Agent. But I also notice that Greg is a blogger himself, with the page located at: From his webpage:

I'd like to announce....

my candidacy for the SD House of Representatives, District 25. I took out my nominating petition from the Secretary of State in Pierre last Thursday. This is something I've thought about for years, but always talked myself out of. Now, with the encouragement of Lt. Governor Daugaard and others, I'm commited. We all promised Wyatt we would push the boundries of our safe little worlds, and I'm going to keep my promise. I know I can make myself a better person while giving the people of District 25 the voice in Pierre they need, want and deserve. The last line of the Jaycee creed keeps playing in my head, "....and service to humanity is the BEST WORK IN LIFE!" Now I'll do my best to live up to that motto, and more. Wish me luck, and thanks in advance for your support.
Since his blog is more of a personal nature, as opposed to political, I'll likely not add it to my feeds unless something changes. But I do notice that one of the commentors under his blog post on his candidacy noted "Can I be your campaign manager? My first act would be to encourage the good citizens of SD to read your blog!"

Well Greg, here's 300 - 450 readers per day coming your way for at least the moment. Congratulations on giving it a run, and welcome to the game.


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