Constitutional Revision Commission meeting today

According to the Rapid City Journal, today is the day to step in and offer your opinion on some of what's going on with the legislature:
The Constitutional Revision Commission will meet at 9 a.m. CDT today in Legislative Conference Rooms 1 and 2 of the state Capitol. The commission will continue its discussion of legislator conflicts of interest, legislator qualifications, term limits for legislators and the petition process for initiatives and referendums.

All interested people are invited to attend the meeting and comment about concerns they have with the legislative article of the Constitution.
Read it all here.


Douglas said…
Legislative "reform" is all smoke and mirrors until we get a unicameral with all single-member districts.

That will fundamentally strengthen the legislature in relation to the other branches of government and then we can think seriously of very strict campaign finance and disclosure laws.
Anonymous said…
Douglas, please explain unicameral, its new to me
Anonymous said…
Just heard they are proposing increasing term limits. Think that's great, but they should also make them sit out a term or so between switching back and forth between house and senate. Otherwise the term limits are kind of a farce.
Anonymous said…
Duh! Unicameral is the one House system that is practiced in a number of the 50 states because it is so highly effective and efficient. That number is, of course, one (1). Nebraska. Douglas, if you're from SD, it wouldn't be a long trip if you decided to move to that utopia.

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