How come......

Why does every other town in the state make note of who they're interviewing for School Superintendent positions, but in Pierre, they don't disclose it?

(or at least the media doesn't report it.)

Update - I'm finding out - according to KCCR News that it wasn't a matter that they weren't asked. It is a matter of the Pierre School Board refusing to release the information:
Lingle says all five are men. Three are from South Dakota, one from Nebraska and the other from Kansas. Lingle says none of the three South Dakotan finalists are from the Pierre area.

Each of the finalists will be in Pierre one day next week to meet with four groups consisting of administrators, district staff employees, community residents and school board. One finalist will be interviewed each day next week, Monday through Friday.

The names of the five finalists are not being released until the day each of them comes to Pierre. Lingle says that is out of respect for the fact that the candidates have current superintendent jobs elsewhere.
Read that at So much for openness in government.


Anonymous said…
Look on the Associated School Boards website.
Anonymous said…
If it's on there, it would be a surprise to me.
Anonymous said…
Why should the names be public at all until an offer had been made and accepted?

I've been in situations before where I was hired for a different position and before I could turn in my notice, my boss had already heard through the grapevine I was leaving. It made the last couple of weeks very tense.

Give the new superintendant the courtesy of letting him make the announcement to those he needs to inform on his own time.
Anonymous said…
Why pick on the School Board, they're just following direction set by the Governor and Legislature. Considering the House killed both the secret meeting law and the ethics panel today, why should a some folks just trying to keep the wheels from falling off a school district take a stand for openness?

The press is reporting the rationale used to kill both bills was "why should we, there's not a problem now?" Apparently, they'll need a Sutton Circus of their own before the concept of actually planning in advance for problems makes sense to them.
Anonymous said…
The public does not need to know who the candidates are? Why it is only our tax dollars. Remember to Vote!

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