And how was your day? Mine was sort of interesting.

I think I got a few tongues wagging at work today. "Why?" you might ask.

Because I resigned from my job.

It's something I've been thinking about for a while. You know, you have a pregnant wife, and six kids to boot, and there tends to be something nagging in your head that says "Hey, it might be a good thing to be around more."

Or that could be the television. I'm not sure.

It's not that I didn't enjoy the things I've worked on. The Vietnam War Memorial dedication was arguably the single greatest event that ever took place in Pierre. It's not like I could ever top that. Honestly, the coordination and human effort of it dwarfed any political thing I've ever had my hands in. If anything, it provides a new frame of reference to what dedicated people can accomplish if they put their minds to a task.

All I know is that there's a PPjr and several daughters who need a father in their lives more than 2 1/2 days a week. Not to mention a Mrs. PP who'd like her husband around, and wasn't relishing starting a third year with the grind of a 200 mile weekly commute, AND a new baby.

It didn't help that this noon hour, my wife related to me the tale of how seriously my son was taking a lighthearted request to keep an eye on a baseball cap I re-sized and put on his head Saturday. Apparently, he was refusing to take it off at preschool (a voluntary parochial preschool BTW) because I had asked him to hang on to it for me until I got back the following weekend. And he was taking his responsibility rather seriously.

So, I walked away.

Yes, I've had the inevitable questions about "What's the big secret - what are you going to do?" from several people. Basically everyone who heard I did it.

Sorry. No big secret. No Machiavellian plans. No political campaign, or anything like it. I do have a part time opportunity with flexible hours, and I'll figure the rest out when I figure it out. I might start auctioning again. I might go get my real estate license. I might do both, or I might go get an evening job at Walmart. Or all three.

Who knows?

A close friend of mine who recently went through a sudden and unexpected divorce was waxing philosophically about his own experience as I was bouncing the idea of this off of him the other day. I was a bit nervous about the monetary end of it. From his own experience, he noted that the money stuff will work itself out. Some of it may be difficult, but in his experience, the most important thing about it was the family he had left.

As with my old college roommate's experiences, I'll figure out the money thing one way or another. But it was (and is) time for me to move on.

The upside to it, besides being in the same town as "the fam" is that I am freed up a bit. As for other fringe benefits, as one legislator put it to an acquaintance several months back:
"I can't wait until PP can say whatever he wants."
That's kind of a double edged sword. It's not like I censor myself much. I might have been viewed as a fool, but not a damned fool. Yes, I have a considerably higher degree of autonomy in what I say, and what I might critique. But, it's not like I've squelched myself in the past, either.

In the end, we'll probably have to just wait and see how it affects my topics and writing. Because I don't know myself at this point.

But at the very least, change is coming.
All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.
~Anatole France


Anonymous said…
PP- let me be among the first to wish you well with your new adventures, whatever they may be.
Anonymous said…
Well PP! It will be great to have you in the area!
Good luck to you and the family and I am so, very sure the wife and kids will be most delighted to have you at home full time.
Anonymous said…
To the BEST blogger out there, I want to wish you and your Family the best. I am being selfish but whatever you do I hope you can keep this site up and running. Everyday I can't wait to see what the real news is. Maybe one of the so called "newspapers" would like someone who reports the real news and on a timely basis.

Take Care,
Anonymous said…
You're never going to regret getting to spend more time with your kids. Good move
Anonymous said…
Congrats PP, your friend is right, the money thing will work itself out. You've got a good sense of priorities.
Haggs said…
Good luck, PP!
Anonymous said…
you made the right choice, pp. i wish more fathers and husbands would do the same.

Anonymous said…
Hey PP maybe Chad has a job for you.
Anonymous said…
Good luck to you. I agree that you made the best choice. Speaking as one whose kids have grown and flown the nest, the time with them goes too fast and you won't regret for one minute the extra time you have with them. Money will work itself out. Memories will be forever for all of you.

And I too hope you keep this site up. It's the best!
Anonymous said…
What was the job you quit?
Anonymous said…
Best of luck in wherever this leads. NOTHING is more important than your family.
Anonymous said…
Best wishes, PP. Thought I'd run into you in Pierre this year. See you somewhere down the line. Maybe at Hobo Day.
Anonymous said…
PP, Good for you!!!
Connie, Bubba and I are looking forward to visiting you and the rest of your family this summer!

Anonymous said…
What job did he leave?
Anonymous said…
He was the gov's paperboy.
Anonymous said…
Real funny!

No this is not PP.
RealFakeNews said…
Boy, I don't know, Pat. On the season finale of "30 Rock," Alec Baldwin's character, a type A+ network executive with 318/280 blood pressure, says on what he believes to be his death bed, "I wish I had spent more time at the office."

But seriously folks. . .

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and it sounds like you're needed at home in Brookings. While the finances might be tight for a while, you'll never regret being with your family more.

You're a bright, talented, friendly person who knows a lot of people. Something good will turn up for you. Besides, Brookings is "someplace special."

Good luck to you and your family. Anything I can do to help, let me know.

Give me a call when you get a chance.

Best regards,

Anonymous said…
O yes Todd, Brookings is "someplace special"!

It is getting better but?
Anonymous said…

Good luck and God Bless. I had been worndering for some time what was keeping you in Pierre. I am glad to hear your family will all be living under one roof. Rest assured, you will work out the money issues. It may not be easy or go the way you plan, but it will work out. You family will be the final winners, however.

Your friend is getting smarter in his old age, his advice isn't half bad. Spend some extra time with your family in this transition period. You will appreciate that interlude when you land on your feet and dig into a new job somewhere.

Good luck.
RealFakeNews said…
8:28 a.m.

I lived in Brookings from 1986 to 1995, the fourth longest I've lived any place in my life. (Yankton 1st, Harrisburg 2d, Topeka 3d, Brookings 4th) I thought it was (and is) a great community, very egalitarian and progressive. My family and I enjoyed living there. I just think the "someplace special" slogan is a little corny.

Pat, as I think someone earlier suggested in the comments, before you dive into another job or jobs, take some time to just be at home with the family. Life will get hectic enough fast enough and the time you spend with the wife and kids in the transition will be golden. When I've made my transitions, I've regretted not doing that.

Again, best of luck. I know you'll end up with something good.

Best regards,


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